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Friday, December 27, 2013

Liquid Diet Results

By Susan Field

Are these toxins killing your liquid diet results? If you have tried a liquid diet to lose weight you may have had some initial success and wondered why you have put all the weight back on after a few weeks.

The truth is that you may be undoing all the benefits of a Detox diet with the poor food choices you make each day. Check this out:

1.) - Alcohol will damage your liquid diet results. Your liquid diet should NEVER include any alcohol. This toxin is made by converting sugars into alcohol chemically. Many people don't realise that alcohol has nearly as many calories per gram as sugar.

Here is how alcohol damages your efforts to lose weight. Alcohol does in fact have a lot of calories 7 K Calories per gram. Many people ignore the hidden calories in alcohol when dieting.

Secondly alcohol interrupts liver function and the health of your liver is vital in order for you to lose weight reliably. Drink sensibly, limit yourself to 1-2 units per day maximum if you are serious about losing weight.

2.) -Too many tropical fruit drinks. We have all made this mistake. Tropical fruits like mango and banana taste delicious but contain a very high proportion of fructose sugar. Increased fructose consumption in liquid form causes a sudden spike in insulin in the body which in turn prevents fat loss.

So if you want to avoid having to spend a long time working out and lifting heavy weights at the gym, I suggest you leave out these overly sweet fruits from your fruit smoothies.

3.) - In order to lose tummy fat quickly, avoid bread altogether.

Studies show that wheat based cereal and bread products will elevate blood sugar serum levels indeed some studies have shown that eating wheat can lead to a greater increase of your blood sugar than from eating the same quantity of pure glucose.

So what can you eat for breakfast for liquid diet results? A liquid replacement meal prepared by blending low GI fruits like berries and oats will produce an ideal balance of carbohydrate energy for breakfast. Adding protein whey powder will also prevent hunger for longer.

The green smoothie is another great way to improve health and shed fat fast. Include a mixture of fruits and vegetables to obtain a balanced result in terms of flavour and consistency.

Incorporating healthy omega 3 fats in your liquid diet plan will ensure that you can prevent food cravings between meals. You will feel full and satisfied when you increase the amount of these super foods in your liquid diet.

Check out our website for all of the recipes you will need to ensure a successful diet that prevents hunger, increases energy and has long term health benefits for your whole body.

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Liquid Diet Results Reviewed by Katie Grace on Friday, December 27, 2013 Rating: 5 By Susan Field Are these toxins killing your liquid diet results? If you have tried a liquid diet to lose weight you may have had some i...