Losing weight in your sleep - What is really behind it!

Losing weight in your sleep
The basic idea: Who daytime feeds aware and clever, gets a nightly backup of his body and that too in burning fat without exercise.

"Losing weight in your sleep" - this is a new diet?

That sounds better than the first effort of a diet, right? Actually, the name is a bit misleading. In sleep decrease is less of a diet at night rather than a complete change of diet on the day. This method aims at doing food combining from in the diet and in simple terms means the separation of the diet of carbohydrates (in the morning) and proteins (in the evening).

Why carbohydrates and protein food combining ?

In the morning the body needs quickly usable energy. This power he gets by carbohydrates. Here one should renounce protein. The reason for this is simple, carbohydrates and proteins combined to promote the metabolism . Thus, the protein leaves the carbohydrate stores is to give us power for the day consume faster. The result: the hunger strikes - much too early.

Evening is this, then consider just described process again positive. A pure protein meal thus has the consequence that we burn our performance storage for the day and our body then fall back in our sleep phase on our fat stores need to regenerate.

That's the theory: how then does losing weight in your sleep?

The fact that the body burns fat during sleep and thus makes losing weight easily is known, but how and why is not clear to many. At night is our body's metabolism of a performance-related work to "repair mode" and to verbrutzelt taking up tons of energy. Have we so our energy storage using a nightly protein food combining emptied, we burn fat in your sleep. So in order to lose weight in your sleep, it must be the goal to promote this process and not to disturb especially. Here, the biggest troublemaker in this system, late in the evening to be taken carbohydrates, because they lead to an increase in our insulin balance and block our fat-burning for several hours. This one also decreases during sleep, our body also needs enough sleep. So do not be late to bed because remember, YOU take off in their sleep.

On easy removal during sleep so is really something to it. If the natural process of energy combustion is supported in the body and is not disturbed and hindered by an unbalanced diet. Have you ever Erfvahrungen made with losing weight in your sleep and food combining? Did it work for you or not?Please use the comment function ..