omega3 salmon
One of the basic foods that should never be lacking in a healthy and balanced diet are omega3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, all too often in modern diets using too much saturated fat, which in contrast are more harmful to our health.

The omega3 have significant benefits for the health of the heart and arteries. For this reason, anyone who needs them, both young people and those later with age.

The Mediterranean diet is well known and respected throughout the world for several reasons and one of them is because it makes much use of these fats are so important.

Foods that contain more fish, especially that fat as salmon and tuna. Lean fish, such as cod and sole, have far fewer. Then it would be safe to eat more fatty fish, always taking into account the calories if you are in weight loss regime.

Other foods that contain them are nuts, some almonds and walnuts. Even with these it is necessary to give an eye to take being very caloric.

Finally, olive oil, olives, pillar of Mediterranean diet, contain many.

Many people when they try to lose weight tend to reduce the calories and then logically the first things that eliminate are fatty foods. This, however, it is a mistake to avoid if it is health care.

Fats are essential in any dietary plan, obviously in the right amount. A better strategy would be to increase the amount of exercise, especially aerobic type (such as running, spinning, swimming, football etc) as well as anaerobic (weightlifting).

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