The shocking truth about being overweight

Obesity, this is not only an aesthetic issue. This excess weight increases the risk of developing certain diseases. Mortality itself is increased. What exactly are the health problems associated with obesity?

Obesity is not a problem to be taken lightly. It poses a real threat to health.

Many risks

The mortality risks are increased, especially since obesity is severe and early. Of disease risks depend on age and diseases already present. These are:

  • Non-insulin dependent diabetes;
  • Cardiovascular diseases including hypertension;
  • Respiratory problems including sleep apnea during sleep;
  • Rheumatologic problems at the level of the hips, knees and spine;
  • Metabolism problems, including blood lipids;
  • Hormonal abnormalities;
  • Calculations of the gallbladder;
  • Skin and venous problems;
  • The biggest risks in the event of surgery.

Social and psychological implications

On psychological and social obesity represents a functional gene in the life of every day. It creates difficulties in hiring, and frequent updates on disability for medical reasons. It is a source of social discrimination in adults as in children and often leads to depression.