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Parkour New York For Beginners

By Leanne Goff

One of the trends in sports nowadays would be the art of running in the streets and doing stunts or better yet known as parkour new york. It is in fact very common for a lot of people to take up this art because it is very exciting and adrenaline pumping. Now if one would want to be able to do this art, then there are some things that he should take note of first.

Now take note that in order to do all of those stunts, it is a requirement that one would condition his body very well first so that he will be able to take the activity. He should do exercises like push ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats and definitely a lot of stretching exercises. He has to make sure that he is both strong and flexible in order to jump around and do tumbling.

Jumping properly is the very first thing that one will be learning when he would start practicing stunts. Jumping is probably the most important thing to perfect because it is something that one will be doing a lot. He will be practicing how to jump further as lessons are progressing.

Aside from jumping, one would have to learn how to land properly especially if he would come from really high jumps. Now take note that if one does not know how to land properly after he has jumped down from a high place, his legs may get hurt. One of the techniques for landing would be to do a squat at that moment when the feet touches the ground.

The next basic move that one will be learning when he starts off this activity would be the proper way to roll. Now take note the roll can either be used as a stunt or maybe even a landing technique. The proper way to roll would be to let the shoulder touch the ground when rolling so the head does not get affected and will not get hurt.

Another very basic set of moves would be climbing maneuvers because one will actually be doing a lot of this if he is taking up parkour. Now in order to do this, one has to have very strong core muscles. The reason as to why he has to have strong core muscles is because he will be needing those core muscles to push himself up.

The last thing on the list of basic things to learn would be vaulting or jumping over tall objects like fences. Vaulting is just actually another form of jumping but it involves using the hands to push oneself over an object. Start practicing with small objects first then gradually go on to the taller ones.

So if one would want to take up parkour new york, then these are some of the things that he will be expected to learn. However, it is very important to remember to be extremely careful when performing stunts. If one does not know the proper way of doing stunts, he can get injured.

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