Sunday, December 01, 2013

The rice diet easy weight loss

rice diet
The rice diet is about 75 years old and has been developed by a German physician.Paddy rice is to be preferred, since it is materially more vitamins and minerals than white rice contains. Furthermore, the preparation is no, or only very little salt is recommended in order to drain the body. As the name suggests rice diet out there This is a diet based on rice.
There are several forms of rice diet, said, in which only only rice is eaten is, can hardly be held because of their monotony. Also, given the health consequences of this crash diet is not recommended.

Lose weight with the rice diet

The weight loss in the rice diet is mainly achieved by discharging water. By the potassium contained in whole grain rice excess water reserves are flushed. Who would be a few pounds to lose, you will be disappointed, that was hardly lost fat, but especially water, which is hardly conducive to the slim line.
Nevertheless, it is also possible to remove the rice diet. To this end, this diet should be carried out over several weeks and lean, low-salt and low-caloric ingredients are used for rice. Rice himself, even if the least the suspect, not just a few calories. For example, proposes 100 grams normal rice with about 350 calories beech, while 100 grams of wild rice come to about 250 Kcal. Who wants to lose weight should consume less calories than it consumes. Since rice already has quite a lot of calories, ergo should not have too many calories the other ingredients.Then surely succeed in losing weight with the rice diet.

Advantages of the rice diet

Who holds through the rice diet for a maximum of 4 weeks, which will remove some kilos. By focusing on vegetables, fruits and whole grains the way to a lasting change in diet is facilitated. Also, the rapid weight loss at the beginning of the rice diet where water is flushed motivated while losing weight. Also applicable for the rice diet counting calories or the like so that it is quite easy to perform.

Disadvantages of the rice diet

The first successes in losing weight are primarily based on the loss of water. Only if you design the diet varied and healthy diet in this form, it is suitable for a long time. Since rice not only contains a lot of calories but also many carbohydrates, the other ingredients of the rice diet should be selected wisely (low in fat and niedrigkalorisch).

Instructions: This is how the rice diet

Two to three meals per day are prepared with rice, vegetables, lean meat or fish. In between, allowing the rice diet eating fresh fruit. It should pay particular attention to the balance and diversity of low-fat diet, otherwise quickly the motivation is lost.
50 grams of rice is cooked per meal. Here the best unpeeled, so brown rice is used.The rice is cooked with 3 times the amount, ie 150 grams of water. For rice can vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish are consumed. Also, lean dairy products can be combined to rice diet. In the ingredients there are only these rules, the compilation can be customized according to your preferences, be combined.

Examples of rice diet recipes

For breakfast, the rice can be combined for example with applesauce. Also possible apples with a little cinnamon. To make the meals varied, can be used also to other types of fruit.
For hot meals spiced vegetables can in a pan (no salt) and steamed choice, such as carrots, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. Together with some vegetable it is added to the portion of rice and you have a rice diet dish. Also, lean fish or meat make good about it. If the fish is lean, also sushi for the rice diet is ;
Especially important is the variety in the courts of the rice diet because it is very fast monotonous otherwise. And who might have the same food day after day ...

The rice diet as an introduction to a permanent change in diet

Primarily, the rice diet is suitable for a rapid water loss. Only with time, the fat reserves of the body are attacked, but this ensures rapid success at the beginning of the diet for increased motivation.
Getting into a healthier diet can with the rice diet, be facilitated by the new daily compilation of a healthy, balanced diet. The user learns what food he can consume preferred and can therefore change his eating habits in the long term.