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The Urgent Care Jacksonville Residents Require Can Be Found At Many Facilities

By Cornelia White

The kind of urgent care Jacksonville patients require will depend on the type of crisis they are facing. However, such establishments also provides services for those who are not faced with an emergency. They also offer help to patients with influenza, bronchitis or other acute illnesses, or who prefer to avoid waiting for an appointment with a family physician.

The aforementioned facilities offer a variety of services. These sometimes depend on the state in which the establishment is in operation. This is because the type of care one can receive at such a facility depends on the regulations in the area and the licensing requirements for those who work at the establishment.

In the majority of instances, patients can pursue urgent treatment at such establishments on any day of the week. Facilities of this type usually open early in the morning and offer evening hours as well. They may also provide services on holidays when it may be impossible to get in touch with one's regular physician. In some regions, particularly urban areas, urgent care facilities operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Depending on the state regulations in the area where the establishment is licensed, an adjacent pharmacy may be part of the clinic. Numerous patrons enjoy this benefit, as they can obtain necessary treatments or fill prescriptions recommended by the walk-in clinic's practitioner without having to go to another location. In certain cases, drugs can even be dispensed by the medical professional himself or herself prior to the patient leaving the exam room.

Injuries such as broken bones are common reasons an individual may choose to go to a walk-in clinic. This is due to the fact that most emergency rooms are associated with long waits, and in such cases it may be quicker to visit one of the aforementioned facilities. In numerous cases, x-rays are done immediately at walk-in clinics and the patient is advised about whether or not a brace or cast is indicated.

Individuals with influenza, bronchitis, or other acute illnesses may pursue help at a facility of this kind. As mentioned before, it may save time to go to a walk-in clinic when one is ill, as it can be a time-consuming endeavor to schedule a doctor's appointment on short notice. This is why numerous men and women choose acute-care establishments when sick.

One aspect that may be viewed in a negative light by certain individuals is the fact that such facilities often employee professionals who are not necessarily licensed physicians. For instance, patients are usually seen by nurse practitioners or physician's assistants if their injuries or illnesses are minor. On the other hand, practitioners of this type can usually make standard diagnoses and prescribe basic drugs, which may be all the injured or ill person requires.

For many people, the urgent care Jacksonville facilities provide is the perfect alternative to more expensive visits to a physician's office or emergency room. A well staffed walk-in clinic is sometimes all a patient needs. This is why those who are experiencing and illness or who have sustained minor injuries should consider pursuing services at such a facility.

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