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Types Of Bunion Surgery San Francisco

By Tiffany Gill

Bunions are formed when the bone or tissue at the base of your big toe becomes enlarged. The main cause of this condition is due to the pressure placed on the joint over a long period of time. It is possible for bunions to be an inherited condition. It can be caused by arthritis. Bunion surgery San Francisco has been proven as an effective method to rectify the condition.

The first course of treatment for the condition is to wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that allow for the exact shape of your feet. You could include splints or orthotics to try and reposition the toes. If these non-surgical methods are not effective, your medical practitioner may recommend surgery.

There are various techniques used for bunion surgery San Francisco. The type your doctor recommends will be determined by your age, general health and activity level. The severity of the condition will also be a determining factor. The condition of the tissues and bones in your feet will also be assessed to determine the best surgery method. A doctor will only recommend surgical intervention if the problem is causing you pain and if all non-surgical methods have had no effect.

The most common surgical method is called an osteotomy. There are different osteotomy types, but all the procedures involve the surgical removal of bone sections within the toe. The procedure involves removing a lump of bone and realigning the bones inside your big toe.

If it is necessary to move the joint of the toe to align it, it may be necessary to remove more bone pieces. This procedure may include an additional surgical procedure called distal soft tissue realignment. This involves the alteration of the foot tissue to aid in the correction of the deformity. It will improve the foot's appearance and stability.

An alternate surgical procedure is called Arthrodesis. This method is used to fuse together two of the bones in the joint of your toe. It is usually recommended for those who suffer from severe big toe joint deformities. The deformity often makes it extremely difficult for surgeons to fix the joint. It is also used if there is degeneration of the joint present. After this operation, the movement of the big toe will be drastically limited.

Excision arthroplasty is an alternative surgical technique for this problem. During this procedure the bunion is removed along with a section of the bone below the big toe. Eventually a false joint will be formed once the scar tissue has formed during the healing period. During the procedure, the surgeon uses wires to pin the joint into the correct position. These wires will be removed a few weeks after the operation. This particular surgical method is generally used in specific cases, particularly for the elderly who suffer from a severe case of bunions.

The decision to undergo bunion surgery San Francisco should not be taken lightly. Sports persons and professional dancers will have surgical procedures recommended only if they are no longer able to perform in their respective careers. The surgical procedure may make your toes less flexible and you may not be able to return to the same level of activity as before the surgery.

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