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Types Of Heel Pain Treatment San Francisco

By Tiffany Gill

Heel pain is regarded as a common foot ailment. The pain generally builds up over a period of time and is felt when weight is placed on the area. This type of ache is associated with the thickening and damage of the plantar fascia which is a band of tissues found in the foot. Heel pain treatment San Francisco involves the use of a combination of different techniques.

Your first choice is to rest the foot where the discomfort is felt. You should not place any undue pressure on the area by walking or standing for long time periods. To ease and get rid of the ache, you should do exercises which involve the stretching of your feet and calves. Even if only one foot is affected, you should do the exercises on both your legs and feet.

Before you get out of your bed in the morning, you can use a towel to form a loop around the foot. Pull your toes toward your body whilst maintaining a straight knee. You should repeat this exercise three times on each of your feet.

To obtain relief from the discomfort, you should roll the arches of your feet over a round item. You can use a can of soda or a small ball. By chilling the soda can first, you will be able to obtain additional relief from the ache in your heel. The purpose of the exercise is to move your foot in every direction for a few minutes. You should repeat this exercise at least twice, or more, times each day.

Your doctor may offer you anti-inflammatory medication as part of the heel pain treatment San Francisco. You can make use of ice packs to relieve the discomfort in the area. Do not place the ice directly on your naked skin. Instead, you should wrap it inside a towel before use.

Your doctor may recommend a change in the type of footwear you normally wear. You may be advised to wear a shoe with a heel as a flat soled shoe will not provide any support to the area which could cause added discomfort. Shoes that offer good support for your foot arches and cushioning on the heels will ease the discomfort. Although high heeled shoes are recommended for females and heeled shoes for men, they should not be worn for long periods of time as it could exacerbate the problem.

Orthoses are insoles which you place inside your shoe. These insoles offer extra support for the full length of your foot and this will help in the recovery period of the inflammation in your heel. The insoles can be found at most pharmacies and large sports retailers. If you find that the insoles you have purchased in the store is not effective, you can have them custom made to fit your exact foot shape.

You can choose to strap the affected area with strapping tape. The strapping will offer relief to the pressure that you are feeling. The use of night splints is an effective method. The splints allow your toes and feet to remain in an upward direction. This prompts the extension of the plantar fascia, which will aid in the recovery period of the pain.

The process of heel pain treatment San Francisco very rarely needs surgery. If it is recommended by your medical practitioner, it will only be after other methods of treatment have proven to be ineffective.

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