Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Businesses Should Seek The Services Of Mobile Drug Testing Texas Technicians

By Leanne Goff

Using drugs when at work is something that poses safety risks and increases liabilities in the business. Working under the influence of substances can lead to accidents, poor reputation, legal cases, and monetary losses. If a business suspects that its employees may be using drugs, it may need to consult the services of mobile drug testing Texas technicians to help handle the situation. The tests can be done when hiring new workers.

With the tests, businesses can protect themselves from hiring bad cadre of employees who can negatively influence the behaviors of the good workers. Workers who use drugs can cause accidents within the workplace or in other areas when they are performing their duties. The liability from such accidents is met by the employer. Lawsuits involving accidents and personal injuries can be costly. If the accidents occur in workplace, the claims for compensation may result to upward adjustment of insurance premium rates.

In addition, the healthcare professionals may subject the health facility into medical malpractice lawsuits, which are costly. Similarly, a repair technician may fail to observe precautions when using equipments thus causing fire or injuries to other workers. Employees who use drugs cause unnecessary expenses to business. These workers are likely to absent themselves from work.

The turnover rates also increase and considering that hiring new employees is costly, one way to prevent it is by screening those candidates during the pre-employment process. Workman compensations claims may increase in workplace when employees engage in drugs use. If a company records increased claims, the insurance companies adjust the premium rates upwards meaning the employer pay more.

In situations where workers use drugs, the company may suffer from liabilities in many ways. The workers can cause accidents especially drivers when driving in public roads. Such accidents result to lawsuits, which cost the business a lot of money. Inside the workplace, employees under the influence of alcohol or drugs can cause accidents too.

When you consult the mobile drug testing experts, you are able to save time. If you have to send workers to be tested in laboratories away from the business premises, mistakes may occur. First, you have to pay for their transport, and this is a cost you can avoid. Second, you need to allocate sufficient time for the process.

It may require about 2 hours or so for every employee, and if you have a large number of workers to be tested, then you can calculate the cost. It will certainly be high if every employee needs two hours. Employees can be dishonest and canning, and considering that there are products, which can be used to wash out the toxic substances in body, you need to make sure that you avert this problem.

If results are interfered with, this gives room for a drug-user to continue working in a business thus subjecting the company, workers, and customers to safety risks. By the technicians visiting business premises, they spend less time to perform the tests and your employees are back to work soon. You not only save money and time when you consult mobile drug testing Texas technicians, but also screen your workers thoroughly to enhance safety in workplace and reduce liabilities.

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