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Chiropractor In Knox County Helps Locals Get Whiplash Pain Relief

By John Bolton

When someone is suffering from a whiplash injury, alleviating the serious pain that results is uppermost in his or her mind. This neck pain usually occurs in a car crash. Your Knox County chiropractor will work towards reducing the severity of that pain.

Prior to starting any course of care, a complete evaluation is done. The entire spinal column must be examined. Questions about how long the pain has existed and how severe it is will help in the evaluation. The physical exam and possibly an x-ray will indicate the optimal care plan.

Ligament pain, muscle spasms and significantly restricted motion may occur. Some individuals must wear a neck brace for a period of time. This stabilizes the head until it is less difficult to turn it.

Watching a person walk helps in the evaluation. Sometimes an MRI is required. Following the assessment, the chiropractor can design a care plan to alleviate pain and promote healing.

When the pain is in the acute stage, applications of ice and gentle stretching may be recommended. When the inflammation subsides, gentle spinal adjustments can be used. A course of care is tailored specifically for each individual.

The level of pain is lessened by the spinal adjustments. Other care includes manual applications such as massage and trigger point pressure. The trigger point technique serves to reduce tension in the muscles.

Ultrasound delivers a low frequency electric current. It reduces inflammation by stimulating muscles and spasms and stiffness in your neck. These sound waves deliver a gentle heat, which works to increase circulation.

Your prominent Knox County chiropractor uses the best methods to alleviate the pain of your specific injury. The goal is to heal the injury. Ultimately, your goal is to return to work and the normal activities of daily living that you enjoyed prior to the accident.

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