Different Methods Of Performing Physical Therapy Swampscott MA Area

By Harriett Crosby

Injuries or bruises caused by road accidents, sport activities and even day to day life events require the attention of physical therapist before they totally incapacitate your movements. He has all the skills and equipments to effectively assess the body and restore its full performance. Aside from the available equipments and tools he uses for the job, most of his treatment regime is carried out using his hands. There are various treatment options used in physical therapy Swampscott MA service according to the situation at hand.

The first thing the professional does when the patient comes to see him is to do an evaluation. This he does by asking various questions about the cause of the injury and also the origin of pain which could be at the low back, knee among other parts of the body. With this information, he is able to come up with a treatment plan which can include manual therapy or passive modalities though in some cases he can use a combination of both methods.

Exercises are commonly used treatment option which is very effective. Exercise benefit the overall well being of your body. What exercise does is that it stimulates your muscles making them to balance and restore movement to the part of your body that is being worked out. However each part of your body requires a different type of exercise. Though exercises are very effective, patience is required as it can take some time before the results are realized.

Inflammations and swelling presenting due to injuries have at times been treated using ice to press on the site. This ice helps by providing the cold temperature leading to constriction of blood vessels in that area. This should be done as soon as possible after the injury to assist with preventing excessive loss of blood. Joints like knees have regained the ability to move with such therapy.

If you sustained injuries that caused muscular spasms and tightness, heat works best. Injured soft tendons, muscles and ligaments are normally very painful and the heat is used to alleviate this pain as well as to enhance their movement. However, with many physiotherapists this may not be the chief focus on the treatment program.

Ultrasound is commonly used to treat connective tissue injuries. During treatment using this method, sound waves which cannot be heard by the human ear, are applied on the skin using a wand to deeply generate heat in the body which helps in mobility restoration. This mode of treatment has been proved to increase the healing of ligaments.

Low-level laser is very effective for muscular or connective tissue injuries. Laser treatment involves use of light wavelengths on the skin. This is meant for stimulation which results to healing of the part affected. It is specifically used ion inflamed parts of the body and also cases of muscular fatigue and pain. Traction method is good for disc herniation. A back pain can take some time to heal because every time a person stands, the spine has to support him hence bearing all the weight. This method helps to create more space for the nerves hence reducing compression on the disc cartilage.

Functional electrical stimulation is used to restore muscle strength. This physical therapy Swampscott MA method is used specifically used on patients with traumatic injuries. An electrical stimulus is applied on the part injured to cause contractions from the muscles which in turn restores movement. All this methods have been proven to be effective and very safe, any qualified and experienced therapist is able to use them for treatment of injury related conditions.

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