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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Importance Of Counseling Before Marriage

By Jeannie Chapman

In most places marriage is considered a rite of passage. This is why it is advisable to get into it knowing everything there is to know about this institution. Since marriage is a long time investment and not many people are experienced, except people who have been in previous marriages, it is recommendable to seek counseling. This gives you a rough idea on what to expect from your partner and how to live harmoniously. This also gives the couple several ways of solving conflicts or misunderstandings in an amicable way.

While relationship and premarital psychoanalysis is meant for every couple before marriage, some choose not to attend these sessions though there are particular cases where the couples have to see a counselor. A case where couples are of different faith believes they will need the help of a counselor to merge the difference and come up with a plan of how they will nurture their marriage.

Premarital psychoanalysis is also important to a young couple who may have no idea the challenges awaiting them in the marriage. A counselor will take them through a breakdown of what each of them is expected to do in marriage, their roles and duties in the marriage. This ensures that they are prepared for the lifelong commitment. If for instance one of the partner had went through an abusive experience, this professional will help them get over these past emotions. This way, they will be able to trust on each other.

It is normally very hard to come to terms with situations like long distance relationships, medical concerns as well as psychological disorders. In such circumstances, it is important to seek for the services of a counselor. This way, as a couple you will be able to stay committed to each other. One can also seek for these services to eliminate drug abuse problems and self-esteem issues.

There are different types of psychoanalysis available for engaged couples. The first type is premarital psychoanalysis which can be recommended by law or the faith of the couples. The law requires couples to be counseled on family planning, finances, communication, legal requirements of marriage among others. The faith-based psychoanalysis revolves around matters concerning the role of religion in marriage, how they are to relate to each other and God and the contribution of church in the growth of their marriage.

Another very common type of psychoanalysis therapy counseling. This one deals mostly with substance abuse or where one or both of the partners are hooked on drugs. In this kind of psychoanalysis the couple is advised on how to stay clean and support each other through the withdrawal period. It also involves helping the couple handle the emotional stress from previous relationships or abuse.

Specialized psychoanalysis covers a wide range of topic including finances, parenting, career among others. Financial one deals with all matters concerning money that may arise in the marriage. Career psychoanalysis covers everything to do with occupation, especially on how a couple can accommodate each other in marriage despite their occupation. Parenting one deals with bearing and raising children and the family psychoanalysis is meant for couples who have kids from their past relationships.

Couples, engaged or not, can also seek counseling from churches or offices licensed to see over marriages. In this type of psychoanalysis they are required to attend several sessions for them to be considered to have finished the course. The main aim of psychoanalysis is that the couple gets into marriage with the same interests and well-being of everyone involved.

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