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Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight

No doubt you are surprised to hear that? You say that this can only happen when yoga is performed vigorously in an overheated room where you sweat profusely. Well no! Studies have been made with people practicing yoga regularly run smooth. It has been shown that these people tend to be free of excess weight and maintain their weight thereafter. For decades, we are told to burn calories, eat fewer calories, control our calories. After incorporating these concepts, you're probably wondering how you can lose weight by burning fewer calories than an aerobic. Indeed, how can you lose weight by doing light exercises? And most importantly, do not control the number of calories burned and swallowed? The mystery is debunked.

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight

Stress reduction

It is now well known that yoga helps reduce stress. Already you may have experienced. You go to a yoga session, you stretch, you strengthen muscles you relax. At the end of the session, you feel fresh and rested, as if you had a nap. Your energy level is high, but you're excited.

Dr. Timothy McCall, a physician and author in the field of yoga, says that, under the effect of stress, cortisol increases. A high cortisol not only stimulates the appetite, but the extra calories are converted into fat effectively. He also explained that, under the influence of cortisol, fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen. What a bad news! The rounded bellies are often perceived as not aesthetic, but it is nothing when assessing the impact on health. Big bellies are linked to insulin resistance (the assimilation of insulin), a precursor of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What are the best positions?

Yoga, including the practice of breathing, postures and meditation helps practitioners to normalize cortisol levels and better manage their stress. So, how you doing yoga has more impact than you practice the postures. Just have a full practice, including breathing, postures and meditation, not to mention the famous final relaxation, thereby contributing to reach your healthy weight.

Whatever you practice postures, it is important to feel relaxed and invigorated at the end. When you feel well, it means that your cortisol levels decreased and your body is more prone to break free from overweight.

The observation

In addition, when a person tries to "lose weight", it often happens astreigne to a strict diet for a period of time. Thereafter, she often has difficulty integrating its new habits in life, abandoned the regime and regain the lost weight, sometimes even more.

Your yoga mat is a laboratory for your life. On your carpet, you see the stretch of your inner thighs, increasing your heart rate, presence of mind. When you bring your observation skills in your life, you get to know your signs of satiety and to observe the impact of food on your body. Instead of automatic choice, you take the time to see what would be the impact of food on your body and you make more appropriate choices for your health.


During the practice of yoga is slowly learns to accept as it is, with our qualities and defects. We managed to slowly detach superficial things. This acceptance will take something else. Accepting us as we are, the pressure and stress related to performance decreases, and our life seems more fulfilled.

Of course, acceptance does not happen overnight. But sometimes, one morning, we realize the path. No matter where v e're made, celebrate your success. When I speak of celebration, it is not necessary either with a chocolate bar or a bag of chips! An evening with a friend is a great way to celebrate.


Watching you and accepting, you can find yourself a key to release its excess weight find balance. When we feel balanced, food cravings are rare, stress is quite easy to manage and interpersonal skills are balanced. Yoga promotes a state of mind bringing a balance in life.

In addition, when scientific studies have shown that people practicing yoga are often more active. They walk more, they participate in more activities, they eat better. By being more aware of their body and mind through yoga, they realize they have the option to make the best choices for their health and their lives. Naturally, their life balance. All these elements contribute greatly to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Your plan of action

Instead of adopting a short-term diet and regain the weight lost shortly after, and sometimes even more, I invite you to take a commitment to your health. Find the weak point of your health and improve this aspect of health in your life. Work on one item at a time, be it nutrition, yoga or meditation. Make sure that this element becomes a foundation in your life and you are in balance in your life.
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