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Making A Pair Of Handmade Orthotics

By Nelda Powers

Custom made high arch soles are usually made for the the people who have severe cases of low foot arches or complete flat feet. Of course the custom made ones are made from the manufacturers have the specific measurements and such that the flat footed patient will need but what many do not know is that it is possible to create handmade orthotics. The only catch here is that only athletes or people with a mild case of low arch may be able to use it just to be safe.

Now if one would want to make a homemade arch support insole, then he would have to buy a few things. Firstly, he will be needing two to three old insoles that would probably come from an old pair of shoes. He has to make sure that the insoles all have the same size.

Once these soles have already been gotten, then the very next thing to do would be to get some glue. One is recommended to use super glue for this kind of project because super glue is very efficient and dries fast. However, if one does not have super glue in his house, then he may use some other sticky glue that is waterproof.

So the very first thing to do would be to get at least two soles together and put one on top of the other. As stated above, make sure that all the soles are exactly the same size. From there, try to find the area where the arch of the foot is held.

After determining the part that would hold the arch, then he now has to cut that part with the sharp scissors. Now he has to make sure that the part that was cut out is really able to fit the insole that is whole otherwise one would have to cut it a little bit more. Once he has already done that, then the next part would be to now glue that small part to the whole insole.

After that, one may now leave the glue to dry before he tries to put it into his shoe and start walking. If he wants the glue to dry extremely fast, then he may use an electric fan to be able to help him. For fast drying purposes, one is recommended to use super fast drying glue that really sticks.

Now if one would want to make his arch support taller than it already is, he can actually do so by adding another sole part to the insole. Now he has to get the third insole and just what he did a while ago. Once he has done that, he just once again has to let the glue dry and then try to walk with it.

Now making handmade orthotics at home as quite easy as one will be able to see. However, do not try to do this if the flat feet case is quite severe. These handmade ones should only be used for those whose cases are not severe as the severe cases would already need the custom made ones with specific measurements.

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