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Options Of Natural Fertility Treatment Tempe Az

By Marissa Velazquez

There are a number of factors that cause infertility. Some of these are hormonal imbalance, inadequate production of hormones, high prolactin levels and ovarian syndrome among others. Poor nutrition is also an instrumental factor. The use of extreme fertility treatment options can work for a number of people. However, they can end up being exhaustive physically and emotionally. The best alternative for most people is the natural way. In seeking natural fertility treatment Tempe az offers a number of options.

Among the first very important considerations for most people is proper nutrition. In the recent past, studies show that a good number of people are undernourished, despite being overweight. If the body does not have basic foundation that is required t sustain pregnancy, conception will not take place. Some women will try to achieve weight loss through intake of diets rich in fibers and low in fat with the hope of enhancing conception rates. Weight loss that is achieved in such ways may not be very effective because the body ends up being deprived of essential fats and proteins.

In order to achieve optimization of fertility through nutrition, there are certain foods that have to be avoided. Grains, sugars, starch and processed foods fall in this category. As much as possible, carbohydrates should be gotten from vegetables and fruits. There should also be an increase in healthy fats and proteins in diet. Drinking enough water helps to keep levels of insulin optimum.

For some ladies, taking such diets will suffice to optimize fertility and allow for conception. The diets should be continued once pregnancy is achieved. It should however be remembered that the biggest contribution to infertility is deficiency of fats and proteins. The body will not be able to manufacture hormones without them.

There are lifestyle factors that have to be put into consideration. Such habits as smoking, use of drugs and high intake of caffeine impairs fertility severely. There are a number of other factors; lack of sleep, high stress levels, lack of or too much exercise, exposure to toxins and certain medications. These are factors that can be fixed easily. By getting enough sleep for instance, the body will be able to regulate adrenaline production. Inability to regulate adrenaline production makes conception very difficult.

Finding out from the doctor whether medications one may be taking are affecting fertility is important. The people that are mostly affected are those that take antidepressants and steroids. Medications that affect production of hormones also affect conception. There is the possibility that one could be seeking fertility treatments while the problem lies with medications they are taking.

Taking herbs is also an option that could work for some people. It works for men and women alike. Some of the herbs used are Chasteberry, evening primrose oil and Dong Quai. Evening primrose oil serves to increase not only production but also quality of cervical mucus. Dong Quai balances levels of estrogen and increases chances of implantation.

In looking for natural fertility treatment Tempe az residents have a number of options to consider. Methods used depend on both the problem in question and advice from the doctor. It should also be remembered that the methods work differently for different people.

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