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Principles Of Plantar Fasciitis Treatment San Francisco Residents Must Know

By Marissa Velazquez

There are a good number of available options for plantar fasciitis treatment san francisco residents may need to consider to solve this problem. Therapy is focussed on eliminating pain and restoring normal function of the foot. Pain has been observed to be worst in the morning and to improve as the day progresses. If not addressed early, incapacitation sets in and this may reach a point where the effects are irreversible.

It has been established through research that this problem is very common among athletes. Athletes stretch the planter fascia excessively and more frequently than the average person. This fascia is a thin stretch of tissue that extends from the heel of the foot to the toes. When continuously stretched, it becomes inflamed and causes considerable pain. The same may be seen in people with a tendency of putting on small-sized shoes. Risk factors include obesity and pregnancy.

When you first start noticing any form of discomfort, you will be well advised to seek treatment immediately. This kind of behaviour has been shown to result in better outcomes as compared to late intervention. Resting adequately helps to give time for the affected tissues to heal and for the symptoms to abate. Intense physical exercises and walking on hard concrete aggravates the situation and should, for this reason, be avoided.

Conservative therapies should be considered in the initial stages of management. These therapies are effective in at least 9 out of every 10 patients provided there is good adherence to the prescribed plan of management. A majority of them show significant improvement within the first year of therapy. It is a very common practice for different therapies to be combined in a bid to get the best outcomes. The success of the therapy heavily depends on symptom severity and the type of therapy.

Simple medications such as NSAIDS are a common choice for many people. Commonly used agents in this group include aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen. It should be noted that such drugs only provide temporary relief and should not be used for long term control. When taken in excess, they may result in severe side effects that include, among others, peptic ulcers and renal failure. If they fail to provide relief one should consult a specialist.

Affected persons are advised to acquire proper foot wear. This is because improper shoes are an aggravating factor. The main considerations when selecting the shoes include ability to absorb shock and proper arch support mechanisms. Proper cushioning helps reduce strain on the exposed pressure points. Addition of orthotics helps greatly in providing cushion for the feet. The shoes should be used for both the affected and unaffected foot.

There is a big role that is played by physical exercise in the management of this condition. Several types of routines have been found to be especially effective. They include towel stretching, toe and calf stretching. These should preferably be done early in the morning. The exercises help to increase the flexibility of ligaments and the arches.

If on plantar fasciitis treatment san francisco should remember that response to therapy is widely variable among patients. Whereas others respond within a short period of time, others take much longer. There is need for regular clinic visits to assess the progress.

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