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The Functions Of Custom Footbeds

By Eliza Mendoza

Custom Footbeds are cloth like materials that are placed beneath the shoes. This clothe like materials came up because of some discomfort in shoes as people engaged in different activities. These activities include cycling and skiing. For example cyclists faced the problem of having sore feet and hence these items were invented they have been modified over the years to be more convenient.

Because of their demands, many companies have ventured into their production. The production process is quite easy. The whole exercise is conducted in a step wise manner. The first activity is where the fabrics used to make them are brought together. The materials are purchased from fabric making companies.

The shapes of the in fit are determined by the type of shoe wear to be fitted into. The shape is created by the specific individual. The shape is drawn by use of a pencil or marker. The outline is made clearly to avoid gross errors.

The shape is put into practical use by of a cardboard. The cardboard is placed on to the material and a cutting is made. The cutting is done by use of a sharp blade or knife.The process is repeated to many materials. The materials are then stacked together and glued together. Dyeing is done to achieve a particular color. The final product is a domestic insole.

Thereafter, cloths of exactly the same specifications are stacked together to form a pile. The height of the pile is dependent on the program fed to the machines conducting the operation. Between each cloth that is to be stacked onto the next, some glue is applied. The glue is to ensure that the components of the pile are closely adherent to each other.

These insoles are used for many functions. The velvet used to make the insole helps to act as a protective for the top skin of the foot sole. The fabric helps also to absorb sweat or moisture around the toes. It is known that this sweat could cause athletes foot which happens to be a fungal infection. It protects the foot sole by acting as a pad. This ensures that it reduces the impact during injuries or accidents.

The insoles have several benefits. They help to improve the stability of the foot by reducing the strain on the ankle tendons and stability ligaments. This results to maintenance of that arch system of feet. The strength of feet is increased. It supports the foot structure and promotes a comfortable foot posture. The foot pad acts as a shock absorber.It works to reduce the impacts placed on the feet during various activities.

Custom Footbeds are incorporated in most modern shoe wear. It is even more crucial for athletes such as runners and footballers. This is because they involve themselves in rigid exercises. Companies that have engaged in this trade have accumulated immense profits owing to the high demands. These companies most times are still the same ones that produce shoe wears. More manufacturers are making these commodities in the recent world.

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