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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Wrist Pulse Oximeter For Home Use

By Harriett Crosby

The wrist pulse oximeter is a device that is used to find out the levels of oxygen in a person's blood at any time of the day or night, and is ideal for personal use. It also measures the heart rate of a patient. These facts sometimes need to be known for various reasons that relate to someone's health.

Oximeters are equipment with various designs, and mostly they are found in large health institutions, such as hospitals. Nurses and doctors will use them in the critical care units and in the emergency department of the facility; and possibly in other areas as well. However, people also need the device outside of a hospital, and this is why they have been created in the form of a wristwatch. They will be needed when someone is in danger of their oxygen levels falling below an acceptable range.

Wristwatch oximeters are not cumbersome in any way, and have all the features of a hospital's unit. They have a memory of possibly up to eighty hours, which means that every reading can be stored. However, when the memory is full, the information must first be deleted or transferred before the device will work again. These wristwatch devices have been approved for usage by the FDA.

The wristwatch oximeters are usually used on one's finger, but on the earlobe or on a toe are common places too. The device does not hurt in any way, as it is non-invasive, and works with red and infrared lights. They are ideally bought by people who wish to monitor their levels of oxygen during sleep, study or exercise, or because they have asthma.

Although a large amount of the light is taken in by body tissue, the bit that is not will show the hemoglobin saturation levels. The reading is shown in a percentage, and a healthy level of oxygen is indicated at between ninety-five and ninety-eight percent. It is still fine if the level of oxygen reaches as low as ninety percent, but below this level the patient will need to receive oxygen for respiratory distress relief. The body's cells are unable to function properly when oxygen levels are this low.

There are certain ways that someone's oxygen levels should be measured with oximeters to ensure that the device's readings are more accurate. Firstly, oximeters can only work when the pulse of the patient can be easily detected, and is strong. The reading will not be accurate with a weaker heart rate, and for patients with irregular heartbeats.

It is not recommended to use oximeters under strong lights, and the patient will have to be as still as possible when the reading is taken. Movement, as well as bright lights, could cause the device to give an unreliable percentage. Since that a few factors could cause discrepancies, a sole reading is insufficient.

The wrist pulse oximeter is equipped with a long-lasting battery, and can be used with various software programs that are readily available. The device can also be used when you are wearing nail polish, regardless of the color. They are usually purchased with at least a year warranty.

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