What Are The Key Features Of High-Quality Resveratrol Capsules?

By Santo Kochkodin

It is quite common for people to desire a long life and that is why we will do almost anything just to live at least a hundred years old. And while this can be accomplished by having a healthy diet and regular physical activity, there are also other ways to do it. One is by supplementing with a high quality antioxidant and a good example is resveratrol. In your attempt to buy resveratrol capsules, make sure you first get an idea of what exactly you should look for in a product.

Since resveratrol supplements have gained tremendous popularity because of its known anti-aging properties, many companies are trying to cash in on this and this has caused its proliferation in the market. If you want to buy resveratrol capsules of good quality, you must choose one that comes from a reputable manufacturer. Keep in mind that you can buy these capsules in varying doses and purities.

It is easy to be confused when it comes to buying resveratrol capsules since many products have different labels and dosages. Each manufacturer will have their own way of marketing their products and make them look superior to others. Ideally, you want a resveratrol supplement that is made from red grapes, red wine, or the Japanese knotweed. Make sure too that it is pure trans-resveratrol.

You must also be aware of the two types of resveratrol, trans-resveratrol and cis-resveratrol. If you want to take advantage of the benefits that this antioxidant has to offer, buy supplements that contain trans-resveratrol only. Purity is an important factor to consider and the higher the number, the better. Supplements with a low purity value tend to contain high amounts of emodin, which is a known laxative and can possibly cause some digestive problems.

You should be able to differentiate pure trans reveratrol from its cis counterpart since the former is white in color and is odorless while the latter is dark in color and has a distinct odor. Don't buy resveratrol capsules coming from the cis types as they offer no real benefit. It is best that you accept no less than 99% purity in the product and you can check this by looking for a purity certification.

A quality resveratrol supplement will have a clear list of ingredients and it's labeling without any misleading claims. The product should have no artificial ingredients, fillers or binders. As much as possible, don't buy resveratrol capsules that have proprietary blends since this usually indicates that it contains low-quality ingredients. Don't even go near products that don't have a clear list of ingredients.

Doing some research about the background of the manufacturer is a good way to ensure that its products are of great quality. As much as possible, stick with those that have already been doing business for a number of years and has already earned the trust of the public. If you want, you may also call up their office in case you have some queries regarding the supplement.

There are many places where you can buy resveratrol capsules on the internet, but be careful not to be enticed with offers that are too good to be true. Don't ever let the price alone influence your decision to buy a product and instead consider its overall quality. It would also be a good idea to research for reviews from real people who have actually used the product. Forums and social networking sites can be a good place to find these.

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