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What You Need To Know About Enjoying The Health Benefits Of Guava

By David Williams

Treatment of coughs, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, high blood pressure and scurvy are just some of the health benefits of Guava. These fruits are seasonal but very popular in Asia. When ripe, guavas normally have a red or pink inside and a green, yellow or maroon on the outer cover. The pulp has dozens of small hard seeds that are normally swallowed together with the flesh. Many people like eating guavas while semi-ripe and crunchy, while others like eating them when ripe.

Guavas are considered super fruits because of their nutritional value. The round-shaped fruit is packed with a wide range of nutrients including vitamins, proteins, minerals and roughage. Due to the high roughage content, the fruit satisfies appetite easily because it is very filling. Nutritionists recommend this fruit because it is not grown using chemical fertilizers or sprayed with chemical pesticides.

High blood pressure can be treated by regular consumption of this super-fruit. Moreover, guavas are known to increase the fluidity of blood. This can help to prevent thickening of blood from occurring. The unique properties of guavas can also help to lower blood sugar content. This will help to bring down blood pressure to healthy levels.

The juice of immature or raw guavas has some astringent properties which help in dealing with colds and coughs. This is achieved through inhibition of microbial activities, disinfection of the lungs, throat and the entire respiratory tract, and reducing mucus. The fruit also has one of the highest contents of iron and vitamin C that can be found in any fruit. These two nutrients are known to suppress colds, viral infections and coughs.

Dysentery and diarrhea can be treated by guavas. The super fruit has strong astringent properties. Since astringents also have antibacterial properties, the fruit can help to inhibit microbial activity and get rid of excessive mucus in the digestive tract. This will cure both dysentery and diarrhea.

Guavas are packed with roughage, fibers and many essential nutrients. They can help to bring about weight loss by reducing hunger pangs and making a person feel full at all times. This works to reduce food intake so as to bring about weight loss. Since guavas do not contain cholesterol or indigestible carbohydrates, they are the ideal weight loss remedy. People who want to gain weight can also incorporate guavas into their diet. The health benefits will help them to gain the desired weight.

Frequent use of guavas can treat constipation. However, this can only be achieved if the seeds of the fruit are crushed when chewed and swallowed. The high fiber content and the laxative property of the seeds make guavas an effective cleansing agent. Regular use can help clean the entire excretory system and the intestines thoroughly.

The health benefits of guava fruit are appreciated the world over. Apart from treating the above illnesses, the fruit can also reduce the risk of cancer, heal wounds, cure toothaches and protect the prostate. Guavas can be purchased locally during its high season in Asia and Africa.

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