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Wonderful Wonders Of Herbs That Heal

By Lilia Moody

Myths, legends, epic tales of wars and its heroes are what accompanied the stories of the magical wonders of herbs that heal. But now, it has taken its rightful place in the field of medicine, back upped by the new discoveries of several research laboratories and medical facilities. After all, there is nothing more precious than the treasure of human life itself.

As technology advanced, health diseases also improved, maybe by way of mutation. New ailments were also discovered. As such, depending on the usual capsules, tablets, elixirs, syrups, and intravenous fluids are not enough. It was then that people started rediscovering the touch of Mother Nature. Herbs are not only for cooking or for smelling, most importantly, it is for healing.

To start off things, you will get to know what the common herbs are and what ailments they are capable of curing. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a sinister disease, being the top cause of poor health among many. To cure this, the level of cholesterol must be lowered, and garlic is the solution for that. Having antibacterial properties, it can also solve problems involving infection.

Sweet teeth may have to let sweets take a vacation since the medicament for diabetes mellitus is bitter melon. Not only that, scientists are still looking into the healing properties of bitter melon as a cure for cancer. Patients suffering from hemorrhoids will also greatly benefit from this discovery.

Talking about diabetes, cinnamon adoring foodies are assured of having lower blood sugar levels. But take note, nutritionists recommend to take only the water soluble form of the herb. Consuming it in larger doses pose a dangerous risk to your body.

Aromatherapy is also becoming popular nowadays, and so is sandalwood. Many perfumes have this as an ingredient, also soaps, body washes, and body scrubs. Sensibly, sandalwood has properties that are greatly beneficial to the skin. It can make your skin appear healthy, firm, supple, and fresh looking.

When rosemary is mentioned, grilled food initially comes to mind. Here is the good thing about it, when you get to eat and enjoy grilled foods lathered in rosemary, you also get the privilege of treating yourself free from breast cancer. People in medicine have found out that it stops tumor development in cells. It has antioxidant properties known to combat carcinogens, a substance that causes cancer.

Another commonly used kitchen buddy is ginger, You might also say that this one cures several illnesses. For stomachaches and motion sickness, ginger is the answer. It also has anti inflammatory and anti nausea properties. Currently, ginger is said to also remedy ovarian cancer and arthritis.

Two top reasons to choose herbs that heal over drugs are, it is less expensive, and it has no side effects that will further discomfort you while you are in a period of healing. You can now officially say thank you to Mother Nature for providing you with kitchen goodies and health partners. Choose wisely and choose to use what is natural.

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