Having Dripping Springs Dentures Fitted

By Jayne Rutledge

Dentures or false teeth are replacements for missing natural teeth. If you have lost or need to have all your teeth removed, you will be offered full upper or lower Dripping Springs dentures. If you are missing one or more teeth, your dentist will offer you a partial plate.

The two types of artificial teeth are available to support the muscles in your face and your lips. It prevents receding of your lips and sagging of your facial muscles. Your appearance will improve and you will be able to chew your food properly.

A full upper or lower denture will be used if all your teeth have to be removed or if you are in the process of replacing an old full plate. This type of plate is normally fitted when your teeth are removed. This means that you will not be without teeth at any point. The plate should fit quite snugly over your jawbone and your gums. There are times when you may have to go through a waiting period before the plate can be placed.

To have a full plate fitted impressions and measurements of your mouth will be taken. Your dentist will normally do this and order your dental plate from a qualified dental technician. A trial dental plate will be prepared by the technician, based on the impression and measurements provided by the dentist. Your Dripping Springs dentures professional will fit the plate and make sure that it is a perfect fit. This is sometimes done with the aid of the technician who will make any necessary adjustments.

To replace one or a few missing natural teeth, your dentist will fit a partial plate. This type of denture comes with either a metal or a plastic plate. The false teeth are attached to the plate. Partial dentures often have clips attached. The clips are used to fit onto your natural teeth and hold it in place. It can easily be unclipped when you wish to remove it.

When you first obtain false teeth, it may feel a bit strange. Depending on how long you have been without teeth, it may be uncomfortable initially. At this point your dentist or dental technician may suggest that you wear it even whilst sleeping. Although it may not be necessary to remove the plate before you sleep, doing so will allow your gums to rest whilst you are asleep. If you remove your false teeth overnight, you should place it in water or in a cleaning solution specially made for dentures. This will stop the material from drying out and changing shape.

You should start by eating soft food which has been cut into small pieces when you first start eating with your new false teeth. You should abstain from eating sticky or hard food. You will be able to return to your normal diet once you become accustomed to your artificial teeth.

It is imperative that you continue good dental health habits even if you have obtained false teeth from your Dripping Springs dentures professional. To do this, you should brush your remaining natural teeth, your gums and tongue at least two times per day. This will prevent decay of your teeth and gum disease. Your false teeth can be cleaned by using water and soap or toothpaste to brush it before you soak it in water overnight.

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