How to use guar gum to erase the kilos?

The non-optimal use of guar gum explains why its slimming qualities have as many difficulties to materialize in medical studies. Rather than allow the fibers to swell in the stomach, 1 should make the volume before you ingest them. Here's how: use guar gum in conjunction with a protein supplement, or a substitute for sweet meal, in a very tall glass, place 100 to 500 ml of water. Vigorously stir your supplement in adding one to two teaspoons of guar gum, as well as aspartame (sweetener synthesis - see below), which is designed to increase the sweet taste dusubstitut protein, which would otherwise be too dilute. Let stand 15 minutes.

The amount of aspartame added influence appetite suppressant action of the mixture. More the taste is sweet, more appetite will decrease.They are similar to those caused by other types of fibres, when they are introduced too quickly in the diet: bloating, constipation, gas...The guar association + aspartame increases the secretion of CCK.This use of gum strength chewing long meal replacement. Chewing promotes appetite suppressant hormone secretion, as well at the cerebral level than at the level of the digestive system. It is a property that cannot operate when fibres are used without them has been inflating prior.

Make this mixture once you can no longer control your appetite. Its big advantage is that it will fill the stomach in a sustainable manner, without bring you lots of calories.Vary the aromas of the substitute for meals or proteins to do not you tired very quickly of a perfume that is repeated too frequently.Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP - i) is a gut hormone that reduces appetite. The GLP - i is: • slowing gastric emptying speed, increasing the impression of being satiated. • signalling to the brain that enough food has been ingested.

Less we eat, less GLP - 1 secretion is strong. It is necessary to compensate this lack by nutrients that stimulates more strongly possible GLP - 1 secretion (protein, fibre, chlorogenic acid).