How to use tryptophan to burn fat?

Use only tryptophan, at least 30 minutes before the meal, as it should not be consumed with proteins or other amino acids, which would prevent him from reaching the brain, place where it is converted into serotonin.Sweet appearing way more aigué evening cravings, it is recommended to use tryptophan at end of day. As its action caps beyond 2 g, it seems not rational to exceed this dose low overweight people.

This strategy also promotes sleep.Tryptophan is often used in conjunction with magnesium and vitamin B6 to optimize its conversion to serotonin.Tryptophan promoting sleep, it is not recommended to use it early in the day or before an activity requiring alertness (driving for example). It should not be used in individuals treated with antidepressants.The system tends to reduce the production of serotonin. The appearance of sugar cravings that did not exist before the regime provides an index of the collapse of the serotonin levels. It then makes sense to increase its contributions in tryptophan.

Thus, may secretion of serotonin be restarted.The influence of tryptophan on the appetite in overweight individuals were measured. The amino acid was administered one hour before a meal. Compared with a placebo• 1 g tryptophan reduced the appetite of 8%, • 2 g tryptophan reduces the appetite of 20%, • 3 g tryptophan reduces the appetite of 21.5%.The decrease in the quantities ingested during the meal that follows the supplementation resulted mainly from a reduction in carbohydrate-rich foods.

In six weeks, heavily obese individuals attended a 1 200-1 600 kcal per day plan. They took a placebo or 1 g tryptophan 30 minutes before their three main meals. The Group on tryptophan lost 2.3 kg, compared to 1.14 kg placebo. Although supplementation has increased by 40% blood levels of tryptophan, the daily dose of 3 g seems insufficient to get maximum efficiency in strong overweight individuals. Indeed adipose excess stimulates the activity of the enzymes responsible for the destruction of tryptophan,