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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hypnosis for weight loss

How to use hypnosis to lose weight?

Every day, thousands of men and women use hypnosis to lose weight. How do they do?

Hypnosis for weight loss is a new practice but still seems to be very effective for any positive evidence that can be heard on the internet and television. How does it work? This site aims to inform you about the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis for weight loss Hypnosis therapy for ... (that is to say hypnosis is used to help heal, lose weight etc. ...) is a fairly recent practice. It is important not to be confused with therapeutic hypnosis hypnosis show that you sometimes see on television, where a hypnotist "bewitch" the victim to make him do things against the sandstone.

Hypnosis therapy is a healthy and balanced practice , practiced by professionals (called hypnotherapists). Here, no question make you do things against your will. During a session of therapeutic hypnosis to lose weight for example, the patient remains fully conscious and in control . The role of the hypnotherapist is only to help the patient relax at first, and then to help them to tap into his memories to find resources to heal.

Hypnosis weight loss For the hypnotherapy to postulate that we all have within us the capacity to successfully lose weight and to achieve our goals , just over the years we have unconsciously developed blockages and habits that prevent us from successfully meet certain challenges (such as diet, for example). This may be due to the environment in which we grew up, the people we knew him , or anything else that made ​​us develop these behaviors that go against our own desire to lose weight. These behavior are diverse and vary in severity depending on the individual. This can be used to snack during meals, is not love and not respect her body , but also the loss of motivation during a diet, then we took the decision farm stick to it.

All these behavior imprisons us in repeating pattern over time, which leads us to yoyo diet, which always start well until the motivation is lost and the bad habits return (the nature galloping back ) It is at this level that hypnosis can be.

Hypnosis allows us to create the resources necessary to keep motivation and to build positive habits with regard to our body

and our personal esteem. these habits and these mental resources learned through hypnosis will allow us not only lose weight but to maintain a "weight form" conform to our expectations, even without realizing it. because the main characteristic of people who lose weight and maintain that loss has come is that we developed the "mind" of someone slim. That is to say they have developed habits that allow them to stay at their ideal weight without noticing! In fact, have you ever seen someone physically fit worrying all day about his diet? No. Because that person has it all habits and psychological beliefs which she eats normally and did not lose weight naturally , without effort, unconsciously. This is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis can help develop unconscious resources to help us eat a balanced diet without representing a particular effort .

How to use hypnosis to lose weight?

Different methods exist to use hypnosis:
  • Self-hypnosis that is to hypnotize yourself, a difficult technique because it takes self-hypnosis know, and unfortunately this is not a practice that is easy to learn, contrary to what some books say.
  • Hypnosis in a hypnotherapist, who is contacted a specialist near you and who will use hypnosis to help you lose weight. This is the most effective but also the most expensive practice ... indeed a consultation with a hypnotherapist is often more expensive than a psychologist! From 80 to 150 euros and the meeting.
  • Finally, the mixture of the two: the hypnosis sessions in audio format. Such sessions are available for purchase online and is a good compromise, if you can find quality sessions. Allow about 30 to 50 euros depending on the offers for sessions qualities.
Hypnosis for weight loss Reviewed by Katie Grace on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Rating: 5 How to use hypnosis to lose weight? Every day, thousands of men and women use hypnosis to lose weight. How do they do? Hypnosis for we...