Obtaining Used Optometry Equipment Is A Big Money Saver

By Eliza Mendoza

Acquiring used optometry equipment can be compared to driving up a winding and precarious mountain road. It can be considered nice if you are precise, but it can be quite troublesome if you are not very careful. Here you will get advice on how to acquire pre-owned ophthalmic tools so as to get the benefit of large savings and not regret a thing.

The great news for buyers of previously owned equipment is that the dubious dealers who have sprung up with the expansion of the Internet have been mostly weeded out in the last few years. Leaving it open mostly to experienced and reliable dealers who make use of the Internet as only one of several tools to satisfy customers, provide information and get repeat business. Now there are approximately six to ten big dealers in the country who have monitored the business, to stop unethical dealers.

Many businesses have constructed an informal scheme of good and reputable dealers who will help a client to choose a couple of pieces of equipment that they need and they will do it together as a group. All practices watching their checkbooks lately and are hoping to get bigger profits. Practices are trying to find second hand tools that are still good quality just as though they were new.

Practices that buy good quality, durable optical and mechanical equipment can save about twenty to thirty percent more when compared to buying new tools. However you should not buy pre- owned automated equipment, because the technology is always evolving and it can become obsolete very quickly. It would be like purchasing a second hand computer; mostly people do not do that.

The starting and stocking of satellite offices form a significant part of the recent demand for previously owned ophthalmic tools. But they would prefer to cap their start-up charges for these practices until they can see if the need materializes. Buying pre- owned tools can be a good way to reduce those costs. Doctors who are looking for such tools to set up a satellite practice might not be able to get all the models and brands on their wish-lists.

Most of the time they will get up with a combination of new and old tools because the pieces they want to get can't be found. The finest sources of pre-owned tools for the dealers are practices that have gone into foreclosure, retiring practices and the trading-in of tools. Business has been good recently for second hand dealers because the need for these tools has far exceeded by the current supply.

There is a lot of evolving with the next generation tools which has made more demand in tools like optical coherence tomography (OCT). Many businesses think that they have to have the most recent in OCT tools. This means that they will trade in or sell a good machine that has absolutely nothing wrong with it. There are a lot of other practices that would be so happy with their "old machines".

Even though OCT is a very quick selling part of the used optometry equipment business, there is also a great demand for the traditional, durable products with very long life cycles. A lot of these tools can be made use of for years without being made obsolete. Because they are durable, they will hold their value longer, which makes them less of a bargain than the high-tech tools.

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