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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment San Francisco

By Serena Price

Plantar fasciitis is whereby thick bands of tissue known as plantar fascia get inflamed and develop some pain. The tissues run at the bottom of feet while connecting the heel bone to the toes. Mostly it is this condition that causes pain in heels. This will be mostly experienced in the morning with the first steps taken by the individual. When going for plantar fasciitis treatment San Francisco residents should be conversant with the procedures involved.

Approximately 90 percent of people that suffer from the condition will recover after just a few months of conservative treatments. There is the option of using medications, for instance non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These include ibuprofen and naproxen that will ease pain and inflammation but never treat the causes of the condition. The other type of drugs used is corticosteroids that are normally delivered through the process of iontophoresis. This involves application of corticosteroid solution to the skin, over the area that is painful. Absorption of the medication is achieved by non-painful electric current.

Injection is also a technique that can be used for applying the solution. The use of multiple injections is not advisable as it is known to weaken plantar fascia and thereby causing it to rupture. This would also have the effect of making the fat pad that covers the heel bone to shrink. For the injection to be placed more accurately, ultrasound guidance may be used.

Another option of treatment is the use of stretching and strengthening exercises. These may be used in combination with specialized devices. With physical therapy for instance, therapists instruct their patients on various exercises that will help to stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and lower leg muscles. The ankles and knees are stabilized in the process. For support of the bottom of the foot, patients are taught ways to apply athletic taping.

Night splints are an effective technique that can also be employed. Doctors will recommend that patients wear splints which help in stretching the arch and calf of feet during the night when they are sleeping. The Achilles tendon and fascia are held in a lengthened position throughout the night so that stretching is facilitated. Distribution of pressure in feet can also offer relief and is done by the use of orthotics which are off the shelf supports.

In case the conservative methods fail to work, there are two main procedures that can be used. The first is extracorporeal shock wave therapy. It involves the direction of sound waves at the area where there is pain for stimulation of healing. It is used in the case of more chronic conditions. The procedure is known to cause swelling, bruises, numbness, pain or tingling. There is no surety whether it is consistently effective.

Going for surgical operation is always the last option when all other techniques and medications have failed. The surgery is performed to detach the plantar fascia from heel bone. It has the side effect of weakening the arch.

When going for plantar fasciitis treatment San Francisco residents should know there are complications for those that ignore the condition. Such people will develop chronic pain that hinders their regular activities. There is also the possibility of developing knee, foot, back or hip problems because the condition adversely affects the way people walk.

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