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Sport less to lose more weight

European study proved that modern exercise for thirty minutes only would have an impact on weight loss similar to exercise for an hour or more a day.Where researchers at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen follow-up of 60 people suffering from obesity, but are in good health for more than 13 weeks and was divided mambers sample of two groups first asked her to physical exercise for an hour a day and the second for thirty minutes only and wore members of the two groups GTX record rates of heartbeat and count the calories that the body loses as a result do exercises where the research team discovered that thirty minutes of physical exercise enough to lose weight.

And Mr Mads Roskilde Doctoral student Department of Biomedical Sciences University said; the men who practiced physical activity for half an hour a day got rid of 7.92 pounds of their weight during the three months, while those who get rid of physical activity practiced for hours a day from 5.94 pounds all of their weight. And added, showing that people who practiced the sport for thirty minutes a day burned more calories than expected from the sports program , which put them , but we found that exercise for an hour of time did not lead to weight loss in a person or body fat.

Researchers believe that the explanation for this lies in the exercise for half an hour to be people are very practical and makes people more willing and able to do more physical activity after the end of exercise daily also who exercise for an hour a day might be more willing to eat more food , including does not achieve the desired result of underweight.

This study volatility of the concepts that have long established in our minds and built by our actions and our systems of food diluted Weight.