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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

By Jamal D White

In the present society, image is everything and there is too much focus on the way a person looks. Ones image is not the clothes they put on only, but how fit they are and their attitude. With the number of overweight people growing every single day, individuals have to embrace various techniques of exercising to be able to remain fit. An indoor rower is a vital indoor fitness equipment that simulates the act of water rowing for training or exercising, and you will find different rowing machine benefits you may enjoy. The benefits of using a rowing machine are diverse hence, it is important to buy this equipment.

If you are looking for a home exercise equipment that can burn calories effectively, an indoor rower is the most suitable. An hour of work out on the rowing machine will lead to the burning of around 600 calories. You cannot compare this with a stationary bike that you would need to exercise for 78 minutes in order to burn the same 600 calories.

If you are looking for an effective aerobic workout, an indoor rower is the best option. This is because exercising using this equipment requires one to use most of the major muscle groups. This makes it effective in raising your heart rate and thus increasing your oxygen intake. The easy to adjust resistance that you find on these rowers makes it easy for you to attain your desired heart beat rate and slow down to your resting rate.

Rowing machines would also be effective if you wish to exercise your lower body. Many people consider the machine most helpful when working out their lower-body. The calves and butt, and the quads on the upper front of the thighs would be the lower- body muscles exercised during the workout.

In addition to an indoor rower being effective for a lower body workout, it is also suitable for an upper-body workout. When working out, you would use several upper-body muscles like lats in the lower back, biceps, rhomboids in the shoulder, trapezius in the upper back, pecs and abs. You are also likely to develop stronger hands and wrists owing to the need to maintain a strong grip on the oars as you exercise.

The risk of injury when using this rowing machine is also quite low. This is due to the motion of rowing being natural and having low impact thus putting less stress on the joints. In addition, since you sit low to the ground, there are less risks of falling as compared to when you are on a stationary bike. Even though you might strain your back, it is important to reduce this risk by using the right rowing form.

When purchasing an exercise equipment that you can use in the house, you would want something that is simple to use. This machine is appropriate, as it is very simple to use. You do not need to become a professional to be able to operate the gear.

There are different benefits rowing machine workout can enable you to enjoy. The most important being the ability to burn many calories. Therefore, owing to the benefits of using a rowing machine, more people need to buy this home exercise equipment.

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