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The Functions Of A Freehand Brace

By Eliza Mendoza

Freehand Brace is basically some fabric that is worn at various parts of the hand. They could be loose or tight depending on the type. Their existence invention dates back early in history when farmers wore them to avoid blisters on their hands as they carried out their daily activities. The earlier models were only loose and had been improvised. They were generally some small rags that could be worn on the specific parts of the hand. With the current technology, they have been improved.

Theses in fits are made either domestically or commercially. Commercial ones are better because they quality finish . They are smoother and long lasting as compared to the ones made domestically the commercial ones are made through a basic process. The material used to make the in fits is first agreed on. The most used fabric is rubber. The fact that it is flexible and long lasting makes it more preferable.

The exercise of manufacturing is done in a step wise manner. The fabric to be used is first assembled. Most times, it is purchased from fabric making companies. This is cheaper as compared from buying from retail or wholesale traders. For the case of cotton it is purchased from cotton gins. The textile to be used is analyzed and confirmed to be authentic and of good quality.

Once all this is done, the textile is introduced to the machines for the cutting task. The specifications are fed to the machines in the form of programs. Machines are preferred to human beings because they are faster and precise. Although in the past, this was done by men. The specifications are designed by the laborers employed by the firm. The specifications include the length, width and the thickness.

The melting is to offer strong attachment to the two edges. The melting is done by slight exposure to a regulated flame. The raw in fits are died. Basic colors are added to improve their outward appearance. They are then packed into cartons they are later sold to retail and wholesale sellers.

The in fits are then colored. The coloring is done by use of dyes. The amount of dye used is also regulated. The colors that are mostly preferred are dull colors such as grey, brown and black. Thereafter, they are packed. These are then sold to middlemen or retailers. These in fits have several advantages. They are comfortable and simple to put them in. They are adjustable and accommodate small to large sizes. The fact that the commodities are elastic ensures they can customize a fit in the scenario of a smaller or bigger finger or wrist.

They allow hand washing without necessarily removing them. These pieces are flexible and convenient. Their convenience allows them to be worn on the fingers, elbows or arms. This depends on the joint that is getting engaged in an activity.

A freehand Brace has more merits than demerits. It has now been recommended in the treatment of osteoarthritis. They treat this ailment by relieving the stress on bone . This allows bone remodeling to take place. However the ones used in treatment have aluminum as a component of the in fit.

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