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Friday, February 14, 2014

Understanding The Effects Of Reverse Insulin Resistance

By Serena Price

Doctors attempt to reverse insulin resistance which is a medical condition, has never attained prolific attention as it does today. The reason behind this is that a good number of patients who show symptoms of pre diabetes are have the telltale signs of insulin resistance. This is an uncomfortable trend since the syndrome is a sign of type II diabetes and other related diseases. Finding means to revert the condition will definitely be a big milestone in the medical field.

Insulin, a hormone produced and secreted by the pancreatic tissues has everything to do with this medical condition. The sole purpose of this hormone is to convert glucose into energy. The hormone makes this possible by chemically giving body cells the ability to attach glucose on their surface. This results into the reduction of sugar In the bloodstream, while the cells produce more energy for body tissues and organs. Body cells become resistant to the hormone when they cannot infuse it into their functional units.

Several solutions are available when dealing with this condition and its effects. The first step involves physical exercise whereby individuals are required to improve their fitness. The exercise requires energy, therefore promoting the burning of sugar in the body. A decline in glucose levels results to a decline in the production of this hormone, thereby making cells tolerable.

Eating a balanced diet helps in reducing the effects or occurrence of this medical condition. Patients are advised to avoid diets containing high levels of glycemic load. These diets contain a lot of processed sugars and carbohydrates. Patients are instructed to take whole foods which are a diet that contains high levels of fiber, vegetables and are low in sugars. Such foodstuff helps in carrying out metabolism, therefore promoting healthy living.

The condition can be checked by keeping stress levels at a minimum. This is attributed to the fact that stress triggers release of more insulin into the bloodstream. Ironically, a pre diabetic individual puts on weight whenever they are overwhelmed by stress. It is crucial to get therapeutic help when faced with this condition.

Controlling stress levels is also vital in dealing with this situation. Efforts to reverse this situation risks failure in case individuals do not control their stress levels. Stress is a major factor that increases the cells inability to be tolerant to the hormone. This has the direct effect of increasing blood sugar levels.

Finally, pre diabetic patients take the medication prescribed by their doctors and health experts. Two main categories of drug exist that carry out their functionality in different ways. One assists in lowering blood sugar level by increasing cell responsiveness to the hormone. On the other hand, the second drug reduces the rate of sugar absorption within the intestine, therefore reducing its absorption after taking food.

Medical research shows that this hormone is one of the most vital in the human body. It is therefore important to ensure that any problem associated with it is dealt with instantly so that further complications can be averted. Patients are also advised to seek medical attention immediately they observe the telltale signs so that reverse insulin resistance strategies may be used.

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Understanding The Effects Of Reverse Insulin Resistance Reviewed by Katie Grace on Friday, February 14, 2014 Rating: 5 By Serena Price Doctors attempt to reverse insulin resistance which is a medical condition, has never attained prolific attention as it ...