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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Understanding The Job Of A Waco OB GYN

By Eliza Mendoza

Women should have an understanding about services that a Waco OB GYN can offer to them. An OB GYN does more than take care of women during their pregnancies. In fact, these doctors are trained to care for the reproductive health of their patients.

An OB doctor is an obstetrician. This type of doctor specializes in the care of women during their pregnancy, as well as delivering their babies. They also offer their patients care as their bodies heal from giving birth. At one time, the delivery of babies was a woman's job. However, these days men also work as obstetricians. During the pregnancy, the mother-to-be will make many visits to her doctor.

The gynecologist is the specialty also known as GYN. They have the knowledge and training needed to treat the health of the female reproductive organs. Yearly, a woman should visit her GYN to have a pap smear done. The results of the pap smear will help the doctor to determine the state of her female health.

Ideally, a woman will already have an OB GYN when she discovers that she might be pregnant. Already having a doctor will decrease the stress that will surely be felt during this time. However, if she needs to find a doctor, she can always ask her friends for referrals. If she desires a home birth, she must make sure that the doctor she chooses will participate.

Making a personal connection with your doctor is vital. It is not unusual for obstetricians to be in group practices with other doctors. This can be a positive for the patient as a doctor will always be available. However, if the patient really likes a certain doctor, that doctor may not be on call when she goes into labor. If a practice has five doctors working in it, there is only a 1 in 5 chance that a particular doctor will be there when she has her baby.

Going to the gynecologist can be uncomfortable for the woman if for no other reason than it is such an intimate experience and can be quite embarrassing. It is important to remember than both male and female doctors are looking at you from purely a medical standpoint and they will try to make you as comfortable as possible during the examination. It is likely that a male doctor will have a female nurse in the examination room.

Knowing what to expect during the visit will help to keep the patient at ease. The woman will likely be asked intimate questions, such as about her monthly cycles as well as her sexual activity. These questions are needed in order to assess the individual health risks and are not meant to be intrusive or to cause embarrassment to the patient.

When women are being treated for women type health issues, they often prefer having a woman doctor. When training to become a Waco OB GYN, both males and females receive the same education and training. However, whether a male or female is chosen as her doctor is purely a matter of choice.

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