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Friday, February 21, 2014

Weight Loss Fitness - Ab Workouts

I want perfect abs !

You feel curled up in your briefs? You are obliged to unbutton Votr pants at the end of a good meal? 
Aw ... It seems that you need our advice from the pros to find your tiny waist and flat stomachObviously targeted regime and an almost perfect diet over the long term will be valuable allies (for further information, see our pro tips to lose belly fat ), but this is definitely the sport that will allow you to re part molding your figure. 's good, true and authentic abdominal exercises that have proven, that on which you focus your efforts. It gives you the procedure.

Abs glutes exercises

These two muscle groups are the guarantors of a figure throws. So, even a beginner, it devotes little 10 minutes a day. It's easy and it pays!

I tone my abs

Reading bust
Ab Workouts-Lie on your back and bring your legs to the buttocks by bending your knees. Place your feet flat and tackle the lower back (lumbar) floor.
-Cross your arms and place your hands on the chest . Lift the chin, a hand's breadth about the bust, and look at the ceiling.
Highly-Tighten your stomach and exhale, lift the possible head and shoulders off the floor.
-The abs always contracted, lower shoulders inspiring and place the head on the ground.
Getting Started: 8 times, 2 sets.

-Lie on your back, lower back flat on the ground. Cross your arms and place the hands on the neck by pulling your elbows outward.
-Bend your knees and lift your legs to form a 90 ° angle with the pelvis, pulling the toes toward the knees. Tighten your abdominal and pedal digging belly. Look at the ceiling and secure a point.
-Breathe regularly. Lie leg as far forward as possible (straight leg should barely touch the ground) and bring the knee above your basin. The pedaling rate should be slow and steady.
Getting Started: 10 to 12 times, 2 or 3 sets.

The beetle
-Lie on your back. Straighten the left leg without locking the knee, the heel resting on the floor. Bring hands behind head without fingers meet.
Open-widely elbows pulling the shoulder blades. Bend the right leg and bring the knee directly above the belly.
-Take off the head and shoulders off the floor and at the same time pull the left elbow towards the right knee. Keep your lower back pressed to the ground.
-Return to the starting position without asking the shoulders off the floor a second time and chain movement without changing sides.
To start: 10 to 15 times on each side, 2 or 3 sets.
I my shapely buttocks

The raised leg
-Lie on your stomach and place your hands on the front. Stretch your legs backward, the tip of the toes on the floor. Push the blades.
Highly-Tense the muscles of the buttock right and lift right leg straight inspiring.The hips must remain in contact with the ground and the right foot should be relaxed.
Lower-leg without landing on the ground. Stay a short time on tip toes and then lift again.
Getting Started: 10 times on each side, 2 sets.

-Lie on your back, arms along the body, palms flat on the floor. The head should remain placed on the ground throughout the year.
-Bend your knees. Lift pelvis as high as possible until the thighs are aligned with the trunk. Breathe deeply strongly contracting your glutes. Count to 10
-Slowly lower buttocks and hold the contraction and, without asking the ground, chain immediately with the next move.
Getting Started: 20 times, 2 sets.

The dog
-Put your hands and knees, palms and knees resting on the floor, elbows directly below the shoulders and knees directly below the hips. The fingers are pointing forward and feet rearward.
-Tighten your abs. Stretch one leg back and bend the knee at 90 ° to the horizontal leg.
-Take a deep breath. Slowly lift the bent leg exhale to bring the knee in the alignment of the pelvis.
Highly-Squeeze glutes and hold the position for a count of 10.
Slowly lower-inspiring knee until the knee touches the ground. Concatenate immediately.
To start: 8-10 times on each side, 2 sets.

Weight Loss Fitness - Ab Workouts Reviewed by Joy Scorpio on Friday, February 21, 2014 Rating: 5 I want perfect abs ! You feel curled up in your briefs?  You are obliged to unbutton Votr pants at the end of a good meal?  Aw ... It ...