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What You Need To Know About Mini Dental Implants

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Mini dental implants is a procedure that involves inserting small titanium posts into a patients jaw in order to the denture to fit securely. The miniature titanium is used to replace missing roots that and hold up to artificial teeth. The Implants are very comfortable and are not different from real teeth if inserted properly. A patient can even eat few hours after the procedure is done.

When a patient visits his or her dentist, the two of them together with the periodontist go through the whole process of teeth replacement before setting up a date or time the surgery will be carried out. Mini implants do not require a lot of work but it is good to seek the services of a professional. Apart from your dentist and periodontist other specialists that maybe involved in this procedure include prosthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons.

These types of implants can be used for a very long time as supporting structures. They can also be used in single tooth replacements of crowns and bridges. The denture will sit comfortably and will be held securely on gums if placed properly. A denture wearer will be confident and feel good about themselves because of mini dental implants as they are very effective.

Research shows that 70% of dental implants that are carried out today are successful. However mini implants may not be successful because of some factors like the density of bones and lateral forces. The risks involved vary between patients and not all of them are prone to these risks hence they should be handled differently.

Not all patients qualify for dental implants as they may have health issues that may make the surgery to be very risky. However this kind of implant requires use of light anesthesia and there is no stitching involved. The denture can also be secured the same day the implant is done which is not possible with other types of dental surgeries.

With these types of implants no surgery or incision is required hence people who fall in high risk group can go for this kind of treatment. Regular smokers, people who have recently undergone heart surgery, those with diabetes and those with blood clot problems among others can undergo this procedure.

While very little anesthesia is used during this procedure some patients have very sensitive gums that may react to this during and after surgery. Where the nerves of the lower jaw are damaged the patient may feel numbness temporarily. X-rays and CT scans will enable the dentist to see where the positions of the nerves in the jawbone which in turn will help minimize bleeding and numbness.

Like natural teeth mini dental implants should always be clean. Brush them like you would your natural teeth. The dentist will show the patient how to cleaning implants after the procedure. It is very important to go for regular check-ups in order for the dentist to ensure that the bite is right and the implants are not loose. In case of any pain the patient should visit the dentist immediately for examination.

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