Box Jumps And Medicine Ball Box Jumps - Elite Testing In Agility, Balance, And Focus

By Battle Yourself

Kyle Heier felt like taking the challenge of regular box jumps, and cranking it up a notch in his regular agility centered workouts.

There is quite a lot of training that takes place prior to performing this type of exercise. It is important to always keep safety as a priority in fitness training or training for sports. If you are unsure about the outcome, try and have someone there to spot you while you build your balance.

During the final section of this video, Kyle Heier places a medicine ball on top of the aerobic steps. This obviously creates a high risk factor, but it is the challenge that he craves.

If you crave the same challenge, we would suggest placing the medicine ball on the floor close to a sturdy object or wall for support. In order to make sure your feet remain close together through the jump, you should start with them close together when planted on the floor. This is one of the more important factors, as even on the floor, the medicine ball is a small target to hit.

Your hands are a great tool to use for balance. Watch in the video as Kyle places his hands out in front of him throughout the jump. This assists in keeping the body in proper form throughout and balance over his feet where it is best served. If you cannot see the video below, please visit this link:

Admittedly, hard work and dedication are easily the most important factors in the ability to actually make these jumps. This performance does not go unnoticed, and often raises the question in how often does he do these jumps? He responds "Not very often, I would have to start counting my blessings more regularly if I did this all the time."

While he would tell people that he does not do this exercise very often, he does admittedly try to incorporate it into his regular routine during his agility and speed training. He loves to try and get people to try it as well to push their boundaries. While the majority would not even think about it, he is overjoyed by the rare person who does.

"I find being able to do what was once thought impossible is a serious confidence booster. This exercise is just one of those things, and you don't have to go far to give it a try."

The people that do take on these new challenges are often finding themselves taking on whatever else Kyle puts in their path.

"It's funny because those are the people I love to train with They never back away from a challenge, and that is what pushing yourself to be better is all about."

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