Liquid Diet Weight Loss

Liquid diet, as the title suggests, is a diet plan by which it is necessary to ingest primarily liquids throughout the day and eliminate solid foods. In reality, the liquid diet is for people to follow before or after surgery to remove the gastrointestinal tract. However, at present is more widely used as a weight loss diet or a diet to quickly weight. Is it just a liquid diet ? The liquid diet is of two kinds : liquid diet and full liquid diet. Clear liquid diet , you should ingest liquids which are transparent without any solid ingredients such as clear soup, while in the case of complete liquid diet, you can use liquids that includes some semi solids like orange juice with pulp. We will examine in more detail the plan liquid diet.

Lemon Water

Liquid diet plan to lose weight

One of the advantages of choosing a liquid diet is that if you eat healthy liquids such as fruit juices, broths and soups, you can get all the essential nutrients needed with no unnecessary calories. In addition, you automatically reduce refined carbohydrates , sugars and fats that not one of these products include. As you acquire all the important fibers via fruits and vegetables that are necessary for a rapid weight loss, but in a healthy way. Listed below are the foods that form the liquid diet plan liquid diet.

Soups and broths Vegetables Fruit juice with or without pulp Fruit punch and purees Milk and milk Lemonade, lemon water and honey Sports drinks and protein shakes Jellies, clear ice pop and candy Tea, coffee without cream, soda Ice cream smooth and clear You can organize your own diet none of these foods as part of your meal plan . Weight reduction, you can go for a full liquid diet and incorporate some healthy foods like lean fish or cut fruits and vegetables if you're hungry food. It will form a healthy diet that will also host your calorie intake. Other than this diet plan, there are some fad or crash liquid diets that work.

Best liquid diet

Fad diets are intended only for temporary use for a rapid weight loss. Normally, they are recommended to be followed for 3-7 days and no more than that. Below are some of the most effective weight loss plans liquid diet .

Master Cleanse

The Master cleanse diet also known as the lemonade diet is used for detoxification of the body. Throughout the diet, lemonade juice or lemon maple syrup added is consumed throughout the duration of the diet . Solids are not allowed and lemonade principle serves meals source. Apart from the elimination of toxins, an additional advantage of the lemonade diet is weight reduction. The diet is usually prescribed for 7-10 days and you should seek advice from a health care provider before starting the diet.

Clear liquid diet

Clear liquid diet is also among the fad diets to follow for no more than 3 days. According to this diet plan, you should choose only clear liquids ( those that are transparent, without traces of solid foods ). Clear liquids like soups and broths , juices without pulp , protein shakes, gelatin desserts, lemon water and lemonade, plain water, clear honey, etc.. ingested during the day. This is also considered as the most effective liquid diet to lose weight.

This short article furnished just a brief summary of the liquid diet plans and there is much more that can be said about these plans. It is always important to keep in mind before attempting any significant change in your diet, you need to consult your doctor. This is particularly important for people who suffer from chronic conditions, since side effects may further damage his health.