Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight

If you are a teenager with weight problems , it is important to stay cool and avoid ineffective or unhealthy ways to lose weight. During your teen years, the body grows in many different ways - not all visible - and good health is essential for the development of the body smoothly.

To help you make the right choice , here are some weight loss methods that DO NOT WORK ( I assure you).

Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight
Plan famine adolescents : This diet should be avoided at all costs. Unless it is recommended and supervised by a doctor for the treatment of severe obesity ( 45 + kg overweight ), any diet that involves a drastic reduction in calories is likely to be extremely unhealthy.

Starvation diets typically lead to a weight gain of adolescents:Paradoxically, very low calorie diets teenagers usually lead to weight gain rather than weight reduction . After a short period of rapid initial weight loss , the body begins to slow down to conserve calories . It is a natural defense system designed to overcome the effects of a food shortage.

Consequently , the process of weight loss slows down. The teenager already plan feels the lack of energy and fatigue, due to lack of calories. At this point, a combination of hunger, cravings and depression can trigger episodes of bulimia. Or failure of weight loss can demotivate the dieter who leaves the scheme and starts eating. repeated attempts to lose weight in this way can reduce the metabolic rate and makes it more difficult to maintain a normal weight.

Starvation diets cause muscle loss : Another problem is that the weight loss that occurs as a result of the drastic reduction in calories is highly undesirable . Up to 50 percent of the weight lost is not fat at all, but lean tissue ( muscle ) . In other words, the body starts to burn its own muscles. the reason for this is that the adipose (fat) tissue requires fewer calories to maintain muscle tissue , so the body retains more fat and burns more muscles.

Starvation diets and its effects on health:

The average age of 11 need 1800 calories minimum . it increases with age and sex about 2700 calories for boys 18. why adolescents and young people need these calories is to satisfy the nutritional needs of growth and development they undergo intense during this period.

A low calorie diet (less than 1000 calories ) can cause serious nutritional deficiencies , extreme tiredness, weakness of bones, skin problems and hair, as well as hormonal problems , etc...

Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight
Laxatives are dangerous and ineffective for weight reduction :In a recent survey , 9 percent of girls and 4 percent of boys reported using pills or laxatives for weight loss supplements . If you are a teenager with weight problems, Please DO not use this method. laxatives are neither safe nor effective in reducing weight.

Here's why:x Most of the lost weight of water, and no fat.x By speeding up the digestive process , laxatives may reduce the absorption of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients and leave us weak and dehydrated.

The long term use of laxatives mechanism disrupts colon . This can make us dependent on laxative pills stool. ( colon cleansing does not solve this problem. )

Fad diets are simply low calorie foods !

A typical fad diet (eg, diet cabbage soup , grapefruit diet ) is a diet low in calories attached with some stuff. Some fad diets rely on a high consumption of a single food that is supposed to burn fat. (Note: There is no special food burning fat ) . Others recommend specific combinations of foods that cause in their weight loss.

There is no truth in any of these affirmations. The only reason why some young people lose weight, is that these fad diets are very low in calories and do not lead to reduce weight in the long term. If you are a teenager who needs to lose weight , do not waste your time with low energy diets.

How to lose weight successfully if you are a teenager ?

The most effective way to reduce weight : is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. surprisingly , many teenagers do not choose this method tested. Instead , they prefer "immediate to their weight problems solutions - which usually cause health problems and weight gain.

If you are overweight, talk to your parents or your doctor and ask for advice. Most doctors put you in contact with a dietitian who can give you a good controlled diet , as well as advice on how to increase your exercise level.

Whatever you do , do not fall into the trap of looking for " instant your weight problems solutions." Most of these solutions causes decision weight , not weight loss.