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Monday, March 03, 2014

The Proven Results Of Saffron Supplements

By Stan Pfirsch

If you love watching the shows of Dr. Oz, you already know about his recommendations of using natural supplements in order to improve your health and overall quality of life. One of the most well received discussions in the doctor's show is the one about saffron extract. This is primarily because of its excellent weight loss properties and how it can suppress one's appetite. But besides, losing weight, there are also other benefits of saffron supplement you should know.

Saffron is primarily used as a spice and coloring agent, but it can also provide a wide range of benefits for your health as well. First of all, it can effectively keep your appetite in check and when this happens, you'll have an easier managing your weight. According to experts, the best way to take this supplement is before meals since it can help to make you feel full faster and make that feeling of fullness last longer.

It is important to know that emotional eating is a common reason why people gain weight. When people are subjected to anxiety, depression, or boredom, they usually resort to binge eating to somehow get by. With the help of saffron extract, your brain is able to produce more serotonin and this hormone helps to get you in control of your emotions and mood. This in turn will prevent your cravings and appetite from getting the best of you.

You may be interested to know that Dr. Oz conducted his own experiment on the benefits of saffron supplement. He invited two women to take saffron extract while allowing them to eat whatever they wanted. In the process, these women claimed that they were able to control their snacking habits. They were also able to curb their appetites and cravings for unhealthy food. Ultimately both women lost a total 8 women over the course of one weekend.

One of the more interesting benefits of saffron supplement is a more stable emotional health and a higher self-esteem. In the process, you'll feel like a completely new person and even have a sense of fulfillment. This will also help you to become more adept at choosing healthier food that will not only jumpstart your healthy lifestyle but also help you to los weight and keep it off permanently.

The great thing about the benefits of saffron supplement is that it is all-natural and won't cause any side-effects. This supplement comes from the Crocus sativus plant, particularly from its flower's stigma. There is evidence that shows saffron extract can also offer relief for different varieties of health issues such as coughing, asthma, intestinal gas, heartburn, and insomnia. Another good news is that this supplement contains no calories at all.

When it comes to choosing a saffron supplement, Dr. Oz recommends a special proprietary blend referred to as Satiereal. This blend is the one used in clinical studies and is featured in many reputable products. Supplementing with saffron extract is also inexpensive and it won't cost you a fortune to get a month's supply of it. With a little research, you should be able to find suppliers that can offer you free trials on their supplements.

In order to enjoy the benefits of saffron supplement in the best way possible, it is recommended that you make some adjustments to your lifestyle. For example, if losing weight is your primary goal, then it would make sense to also start eating healthy and incorporate moderate physical activity in your regimen. Having a proportional weight is key to minimizing your risk for a wide variety of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart attack.

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