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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Ways To Reverse Insulin Resistance

By Lisa Williamson

In the past decades, the medical industry has made huge steps that has enabled man trounce different health diseases. This has given rise to much needed time for researchers to concentrate on tackling new health issues. One complex health problem is insulin resistance also categorized as a health syndrome. When left unimpeded it can cause a full type II diabetes and other related diseases. Therefore, steps needed to reverse insulin resistance will provide a platform for tackling diabetes.

Insulin is a hormone that, depending on its level, causes diabetes. It is produced in an abdominal organ known as a pancreas and its major role is controlling blood sugars level. The function of this hormone is to assist all tissue cells in attaching glucose particles on their surfaces. This action controls the level of sugars present in blood vessels, and it also enables the cells acquire much needed energy from the breaking down of glucose particles. Insulin resistance occurs when cells become impervious to its effects.

There exist several methods of tackling this problem. Regular exercise is the most preferred method because most victims experiencing this condition are heavy or obese. This is because excess body fats have surplus sugars that signal the pancreas to release extra hormone in order to return its normal levels. By staying inactive, these levels continuously rise to detrimental levels that result in complex health problems.

The victims should also modify and manage well their diets. For a start, diets that are considered high on sugar levels should be scraped from their eating schedules. Diets managed in the approved balance will efficiently exploit the oxidation of sugars in the human body thus resulting in normal levels of insulin and sugar.

Several nutritional supplements work in concert with the healthy diet taken. One should take the initiative of identifying the best supplements available because of their exceptional properties in stabilizing its levels. For example, some processed foods lack chromium therefore other extra sources have to be identified. Chromium is important as it increases cells tolerance to the hormone.

There is a positive correlation between the amount of stress a person has and the level of this medical condition. It is important to contain stressful episodes in order to minimize its effects. Several of its effects are harmful and have a tendency of interfering with a number of organ functionality. Stress causes rapid variations in blood sugars that make the pancreas to retaliate in a wrong way thus becoming spoiled in the process.

Doctors could also suggest a variety of pharmaceutical drugs to patients suffering from this condition. This is only to be undertaken if the situation escalates to full diabetes so that its symptoms are minimized. Apparently, their side effects cause the patient gain more body weight and it further increases incidences of heart attacks. Fortunately there are new medicines produced which have minimal side effects.

The risks posed by this disorder are infinite and grave. The vital thing is enlightening the populace on ways of identifying its signs and symptoms. This role lies with medical professionals and the government.

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