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Friday, April 04, 2014

Water retention - Losing Water Weight

Losing Water Weight
Water Retention: how to lose this excess water ?

What if water retention ? How to lose water that is in excess in the body? Here are 11 ways to fight against water retention.

To understand water retention and better fight, start with the presence of water in the body. Usually water gets 70% of your total body weight. 75 % of the muscle tissues contain water. 50% body fat contain water.

Excess water in the body is that the body retains excess water. Usually, the water retention is the result of an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. However, some medicines can cause water retention as well. Excess water can even be caused by dehydration, as the body tries to keep the extra water.

Retain excess water can make you feel bloated, uncomfortable and bloated. Water retention can inflate your wrists, ankles, hands and feet, and make your puffy face. Losing excess water is the first step to improve your appearance and feel better. Before trying to fight against water retention, be sure to consult a doctor to ensure that your body contains much of the excess water.

Here are 11 ways to stop water retention and lose water weight :

1) Drink more water
The excess water in the body is usually a sign that your body is afraid of losing even more water, and therefore tries to retain as against measure. So the best way to lose water retention in the body is to drink more water.

Indeed, as ironic as it may seem, the more your body consumes more water he wants to get rid of. When the body does not get enough water, it will tend to save, and to cling to any water it finds, which causes bloating.

So drink at least 8 glasses of water ( 25 cl ) per day. On average, 8 glasses are sufficient. Just make sure not to drink too much water during a short period of time, which could lead to water intoxication (also known as hyper-hydration or water poisoning ).

If possible drink distilled from daily to make excess water that you wear in the body water. Distilled water is simply pure water, without salt or mineral therein. ( U.S. President Barack Obama also drink pure water after his workouts ).

2 ) Reduce salt intake
You would be surprised to know that your diet contributes to a considerable water retention. Dietary factors contributing to fluid retention include salt, sugar, lack of amino acids or vitamins of the B family, protein deficiency.

Excess salt in your body is retaining water. In addition to the salt away, there are several foods that contain a high amount of salt you should avoid: salted nuts, pickles, hot dogs, frozen foods, soy sauce, meats, canned vegetables. While vegetables are normally good for you, the canned variety contains a lot of salt, so choose fresh and natural vegetables instead.

Specifically, try to reduce your salt intake to 0.5 grams for only a few days (usually no more than 2 days) to get rid of those unwanted pounds of water quickly. You can replace the salt in these days by the herbs and spices in your food, for example.

3) Reducing sugar intake
Like salt, consuming too much sugar is a dietary factor contributing to fluid retention. Sugar is known to cause an excess of water in the body because it can increase insulin levels, which decrease the body's ability to get rid of sodium ( salt).

Try to avoid overly sugary foods like sugary cereals, cookies, cakes and sodas.

4) Eat foods naturally high in water
Eat foods that contain lots of water is another way to increase the elimination of water retention. Fortunately, there are many vegetables that you can eat that have a naturally high water content.

The more you eat these types of foods your body will be more ready to part with excess water and unnecessary. Here are some foods naturally high in water : watermelons, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, artichokes, oats, watercress, cabbage, asparagus and Brussels sprouts.

5) Avoid alcohol
Although at first, drinking alcohol may act as a diuretic, it then changes and causes dehydration that pushes your body will retain water more.

Do your best to avoid alcohol and replace the alcoholic herbal or green tea, which are known to have healthy and natural diuretic drinks.

6) Exercise
Exercise is another great way to get rid of excess water weight. Nothing is faster than your body get rid of excess water, salt and toxins before sweating for a good workout ( with 3 or 4 times per week).

Exercises like walking, running, cycling or tennis can help your body lose excess water in the legs and ankles. If you are pregnant and begin to retain water excessively, consult your doctor immediately and do not exercise course.

7 ) Try a natural diuretic
Diuretics are often prescribed to help those suffering from fluid accumulation in body tissues (edema). If you are looking for a natural and safe way to lose excess water, there are natural foods and herbs that offer diuretic properties.

Certain foods and natural diuretic herbs are: apple cider vinegar, celery, celery seed, cranberry juice, dandelion, green tea, tea leaf dandelion, fennel, juniper berries, the nettle, parsley. Green tea also include foods that increase metabolism.

Garlic is also beneficial to eliminate water retention. Studies have shown that garlic is not only a natural diuretic food, but also contributes to the breakdown of fats.

8 ) Try a diuretic prescription pharmacy
If you need to remove the excess water in your body quickly before a big event, there are diuretics for sale without a prescription that could help you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution. Take these diuretics counter for a long period of time can cause more harm than good.

This kind of diuretics is also known to cause diarrhea, so keep that in mind before taking. If you feel you have no choice but to use them, so try to get diuretics pills natural herbal preference.

9) Try a wrap in Beauty (body wrap or wrapping for specialists)
To wrap the body in a beauty salon is another way to quickly get rid of excess water weight before a special occasion (weddings, birthdays, business dinners, etc.. ).

Bandages are soaked in a special mineral solution and then tightened around your body. You sit down with this wrap (a kind of film ) for at least one hour (and in some institutions, you are invited to low-impact exercises to raise the body heat ).

Then, when the film comes off, you might have lost a few inches all over the body. Be careful however, the wrap is a temporary solution. A healthy diet along with regular exercise is the best way to get rid of excess water weight in the long term.

10) Test the sauna
Take a sauna ( at a spa for example) is another way to sweat out excess water and toxins. The sauna also has the added advantage of relax. Again, take a sauna should not be for you an exclusive and regular practice to fight against water retention.

Combined with adequate water consumption regularity in sessions of exercise and a balanced diet, take a sauna should allow you to control your weight excess water in no time.

11) Change your prescription drugs
Medications such as birth control pills and steroids prescription can cause water retention. If your excess water becomes a problem, talk to your doctor to try to find another drug. Switch to an alternative drug may reduce bloating and swelling. If this is not possible, try to maintain your weight by testing the previous suggestions.

How to design a plan to lose the excess water weight ?
If you suffer from PMS symptoms such as bloating and headaches, and if you want to lose excess weight quickly water while avoiding diuretics, make a food plan that follows these guidelines :

Avoid sugary foods,
Avoid salt and foods high in sodium,
Drink plenty of water,
Drink herbal teas herbal,
Eat small amounts of carbohydrates as starch (also see " Starchy foods are important for health" )
Include foods and herbs listed above (paragraph 7) and eat fruits and vegetables ( also see " Healthy Foods, 15 fruits and vegetables very healthy " ).

The addition of these herbs and foods to your diet can help relieve water retention, but if you decide to take a diuretic prescription surcharge, it is important to understand that this type of diuretic should not be taken for more than several days.

Indeed, minerals and nutrients needed for the proper functioning of your body could be rinsed and expelled from your body along with excess water. Instead, have a healthy diet plan that incorporates these foods and make sure to add exercise to your daily routine.

About the weight loss and gain in weight of water
Remember that there are some cases where the water weight gain is inevitable and absolutely normal.

Thus, in the last stages of pregnancy and for a few weeks after birth, women can expect to wade through excess water. They often can not do anything much to prevent water retention.

Some say that a loss of body weight automatically means weight gain excess water. This is partially true. If you lose weight slowly, you will take only little weight in water, but if you starve or if you follow fad diets often too low in calories, you will inevitably take a lot more weight excess water.

This happens because your body is the frantic search for energy sources, tearing proteins and carbohydrates through stocks. These carbohydrates and proteins were trying to hold water before your weight loss, and thus the body reacts by charging water cells. Do not worry, this oscillating action will be arranged when your body stabilizes ( because after a while, you can not lose weight despite all the will in the world, you will inevitably stagnate before resuming weight if you do not take adequate precautions or stabilize ).

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