10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight Inspite of Working Out

The main objective behind your preparing an elaborate fitness plan and stretching out regularly (according to the plan) is to lose weight and develop a well toned body. But you're not satisfied with your workout regimen either because you're not shedding the extra pounds you targeted or you're gaining those extra flab after you lost weight drastically in the start-up.

10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight Inspite of Working Out

You've been jogging vigorously, doing 50 push ups everyday and lifting weights but to no avail. Contrary to what you might think, the answers lie in the apparently insignificant customs that you follow which are not in any connected with your weight loss regimen but might be interfering with your sincere efforts. Taking stock of the following issues might help.

1. Not having a sensible eating program

Most individuals on a weight-loss program do not have an eating plan that is balanced. Whatever the cause might be, many people polish off a sumptuous meal after working out strenuously.

You cannot expect to lose weight if the calories that are burnt are replenished in no time by gorging on hamburgers and ice-creams almost immediately after an exercising session. You should supplement your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, lean meat, dry crackers, fish, and control your cravings for processed foods with a high sugar and fat content. Do not snack in between meals and eat sensibly.

2. Relying too much on quick fixes

You know that you can't gain if you don't stick out with your fitness plan. The road to success had never been easy and it applies to your weight loss stratagem as well. Don't be under the assumption that you'll be able to get the results you wish to see in a short time. And quick fixes will not help either.

Going for nutritional supplements and fat burners to supplement your balanced meals is perfectly all right. But don't depend entirely on these supplements to give you the desired results. Just be steadfast with your weight loss program and dieting plan.

3. No long term goals

Before you chalk out fitness regimen, you should be in the know that losing weight is not an interim affair. That is, once you start shedding the excess load you should not slacken or give up on your daily exercises.

You should fit your workout schedule into your daily routine and make it a habit. If you exercise vigorously in the first few months and then give it up all together after having achieved your fitness goals, you'll again add on the weight you lost in no time. Just think of the travails you went through to lose the extra kilos.

The most difficult part comes when you don't lose weight as consistently as you did in the first few weeks. The only way out is to keep at it and not letting go.

4. Not on the right plan

You might get frustrated if you don't see yourself losing the requisite level of weight in the first few weeks even after working out regularly and quite aggressively. Maybe you're not on the right plan. It's best to consult a fitness expert or a health instructor who'll be able to work out a weight loss regimen exclusively for you.

5. Not focused enough

If you're not earnest about losing weight, then all your efforts will come to naught. You should be focused on your workout program and stick to it with missionary zeal. You should always think positively and not get discouraged by remarks and invectives from other people. Catch up on fitness articles and socialize with positive minded people.

6. Inconsistent

You're the socializing type who likes to break into a conversation with fellow gym members whenever you get the opportunity. Save your gregarious urges for the social circuits and try to be consistent while you're working out. Taking too many breaks between running on the treadmill and cycling on the bike will render your program dysfunctional.

7. Working overly hard

Being obsessive with your workouts, more often than not may be your undoing. If you're pushing yourself too hard and not getting the results then you should take a break, rejuvenate yourself and get back with renewed vigor.

8. Not sleeping enough

Your body will need more rest (than it normally does) when you're on a fitness schedule. You should aim at getting 8 hours of sleep so that you feel invigorated enough to start afresh the morning after.

9. Not taking enough water

Water is an excellent energizer and fat burner as it does not contain any fat or calories and keeps your body hydrated as well. Drink 3 to 4 litres of water everyday.

10. Taking large helpings

Once you start losing weight, your body adjusts to your eating plan and burns lesser calories so that you have the energy to keep you going. If you go back to consuming high protein meals and foods rich in calories you'll have only yourself to blame for regaining the kilos you lost.

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