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Getting In Shape With The 21 Day Fix

By Brian Mettel

Fitness or exercise bands are small bits of stretchable material that have a number of amount of resistance that are utilized in replicating many weight training moves while minimizing the possible risk of losing the control on the weight.

Formerly created for use by older people in convalescent homes, exercise bands or tubing are typically present in adult resistance training classes. This simple and easy piece of exercise equipment is becoming in demand because it is user friendly and is very handy.

Exercise bands are created in different colors, lengths and tensions. Band can even be bought by the roll which enables you to cut your band to your desired length. You may also buy a different sort of band that is available in a loop making you step instantly to the band and employ it as a resistance training for your legs without resorting to making a knot.

Resistance bands are preferred by fitness enthusiasts, women and men alike since they can cover virtually all 100 weight workouts, can be used at any time and at any place, very easy to store, they don't cost excessively, can be applied as a supplementary weight training, can be utilized for specific training, they offer consistent tension that you desire throughout your routine, can be employed on your flexibility training, is safer in comparison with using free weights and fitness machines and can be utilized by everyone in spite of age.

Exercise bands have another hidden function that is for executing agility drills. Put your band on to the floor and start jumping over and back horizontally over the band to start your heart pumping while simultaneously you also build up your movement skills. You can hop or run sideways all over the band so you can alter your agility training.

You still need to properly warm up your body well before doing hard routines just like in any type of training. You should make an effort to wear athletic shoes and clothing, use good control and form on your workouts, always hydrate yourself and stretch your muscles properly just after.

Fitness band can even be employed to rehabilitate your injuries considering they are simple and easy and safer to use without risking your injury by controlling the stress and without resorting to lifting a weight that might probably hit your wounded area.

Care of your band is essential. Regularly check for clues of tear and wear and you have to do this on my own. If you find small splits or thin spots on your band you ought to buy a new one. Tears and thin spots increase the chance of your band breaking at the time of use and snapping back at you quite possibly leading to an injury.

If you are seeking a piece of equipment which you can use while traveling and put into your bag, you own exercise bands that can be carried anywhere you are, to the fitness center, right at home, while out in a walk or even during a break at work!

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