Helpful Weight-Loss Tips

Lose weight - does not mean nothing to eat or have a few. It is important to choose the right foods, and rebuild its full power, and not to carry out experiments with diets. Here are the top tips losing weight.

Helpful Weight-Loss Tips

1) Avoid fast carbohydrates. Eliminate from your diet four principal product:

- Sugar
- flour
- White polished rice.

Under the sugar is meant not only that put in tea, but in general all products containing sugar - cakes, candies, dried fruits, and so. By the way, brown sugar - the same fast carbohydrate as white.

"Flour" - is anything that contains flour - bread, cakes, meat, breaded and TP. White polished rice - is just as fast a carbohydrate as semolina. Choose instead dark kinds of rice - raw. Potatoes, especially fried, losing weight is contraindicated.

2) If you want to lose weight, you can not starve. Body does not know what you're starving, and to save your life, starts to lay prozapas fats. Do not feed your body a reason to stock up on fat - eat when hungry, but choose low-calorie foods.

3) If you lose weight, your main product - a green vegetable. They are low-calorie and rich in nutrients that help us look and feel good. Multicolored than your plate, the more useful.

4) Do not try to just lose weight quickly. It's the wrong tactic. Those people who actually managed to throw off the weight, spent on it for months. All that is quickly running out, come back just as quickly. After all, life does not end tomorrow, not in a hurry.

5) do not swing simulators. You will build muscle mass, tired, more hungry. The best sport for losing weight - it's walking, long quiet walks, at least 4 miles a day.

6) If you allow yourself to bread or pasta (flour), they should only be whole wheat. Whole grain products are sold in health food sections of supermarkets and at many pharmacies.

7) Do not give up breakfast. Diet is very important right hearty breakfast. After the day you still have time to spend the extra calories, but an extensive dinner at night just postponed in the form of fat. Transfer dense food on the morning and in the evening try to eat as little as possible high-calorie foods - green vegetables, eggs. If you allow yourself to a cake or a piece of chocolate, eat them in the morning, in the morning. In any case, not in the evening.

8) Instead of mayonnaise and sour cream salad dressing with lemon juice and low-fat sauces.

9) If you are being ripped off on the harmful fatty foods, such as fried steak, breaded, dab it with napkins to soak up the fat. This will reduce the calorie content.

10) Do not start the day with orange juice, as they like to do in Mexican soap operas. Fresh juices are very useful, but fruit juices contain sugar, which is instantly absorbed. Drink vegetable juice and not fruit.

11) Drink plenty of water, at least 4-5 glasses a day. It is water instead of tea or coffee.

12) Make regular massage.

13) Love life. Overweight is often only a consequence of the wrong attitude to life, your fears and insecurities. Work on yourself. Inner freedom is needed to man losing weight is not less than the proper nutrition.