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Women's Fat Loss

Losing weight for women has been an intriguing subject because of the amount of attention that it receives. Both male and female fat loss have similarities but also differences that can distinguish them from one another. Although men and women are created equally, their is a slight difference in the way DNA influences weight loss.

It is responsible for determining how women carry fat on their body as well as how it is stored and burned off. This difference can be attributed to female hormones which are more sensitive than those found in males. Women's hormone levels fluctuate all the time due to the menstrual cycle. And due to the loss of vital nutrients via monthly bleeding, the female body is always trying to compensate for the difference. While hormones can impact a women's body, it is not always the case, when it comes to weight loss. Other outside influencers such as anxiety are also to blame for gaining weight. This is common in both sexes.

Don't worry, there is hope! You don't have to quit now. For women, stubborn fat is a common problem. Even a woman who has lost a considerable amount of weight can still look "fat" in certain areas such as the buttocks, legs and arms. But this doesn't mean that it will be impossible to burn it off. This is where women and men differ in weight loss.

Men also share this type of problem. But they are more likely to burn it off because they lift weights to build muscle. Muscle, in turn will burn off more fat from the body. Women are less prone to this type of fitness method because of the fear of looking bulky or masculine. But quick workouts that include building muscle is something women should be more inclined to do, if they seek to lose the fat.

For many women a weight loss plan might resemble this: eat healthier by watching what they eat. For men it is more likely to look like this: track nutrition and incorporate exercise into their routines. This is another factor in weight loss for some women. They don't like to perform physical activity that includes weight training. it doesn't have to be intense, but combined with eating right, weight loss will occur more rapidly. Exercise should not be looked at as chore but rather an activity that is rewarding. In combination, eating right and being more active will make weight loss easier for women.

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