Food for sport and exercise

Fitness Food
Your question is interesting. The food and physical activity are the two inseparable parents shape, well-being and the line. But "regimes" in the sense or they are heard are usually the safest way to sustain weight problems.

To effectively manage its weight, if there is actually too much asphalt, best therefore to change the regime... It means moving to a well balanced diet and regular physical activity (ideally 30 min walk every day and sport 3 times per week.

The meeting of sport must not be improvised, it must place at any time of the day where it ended its digestion. Digestion takes about 2 hours after breakfast and 4 hours after lunch. Make his sport to 11 h or 17-18 h therefore satisfies this first recommendation.

The meal preceding the meeting of sport simply respects the basic rules of balanced diet: a little of each food group (for a lunch: meat / fish / eggs vegetables starchy or bread + fat + dairy product + fruit). The presence of starch or bread is absolutely essential, with fruit, it is they who will bring carbohydrates, energy elements necessary for a workout in good conditions.

Note extremely frequent which is made then is: "But if I eat all that I grow." Actually not at all. If you consume a lean meat, a dairy product type yogurt and a moderate amount of starch and/or bread (quantity function of your appetite) the only element very caloric the meal will be fat. Limit yourself to one tablespoon of oil, two up, and you'll have no problem of weight gain. During the sport the only priority is drinking water.