How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week by Doing Something Truly Unexpected!

Need to lose some weight by the end of this week? How about me showing you how to lose 5 pounds in a week really easy? Just give me two minutes and I`ll lay down all my secrets for you.

Before I jump right on to the main trick of this weight loss method, let me make sure you follow the basics, which are:

- Water. You have to drink 10 glasses of water every day, not less. If you are not doing this now, start today, this is really important. You probably know this already, but you should start DOING, instead of just knowing. There would be no reason to talk about water for weight loss if it wasn't that important.

- Timing. You have to eat regularly, every 2-3 hours, 5 smaller meals a day, and stop eating after 7 PM. Too many rules? Don`t worry, this is not difficult at all! this keeps your metabolism active and makes it easier to burn more fat.

Still with me? Great! Now here`s the main trick:

On the second and the fifth day of your week, you have to give your body something very unexpected, to shock your metabolism and make it work for your weight loss. So depending on your regular eating habits, you can eat just yogurt and vegetables all day, yogurt and fruits, vegetables and lean meat, or lean meat and fruits all day long. Just choose something healthy, and totally unexpected. Wake up your metabolism, shock it by doing this! This is often called calorie shifting.

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