Lose 10 Pounds in Days - Quick Ways to Lose Pounds Without Extreme Dieting Or Exercising!

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Here's how to lose 10 pounds in days. I'm going to give you some quick and effortless ways to lose pounds without you having to suffer through extreme dieting and endless exercising.

Lose 10 Pounds in Days

1. Eat a big breakfast with lots of protein and fiber.

There's a simple breakfast that everyone can use to start dropping pounds and inches in days. That breakfast consists of 2-4 scrambled eggs and 1/2 can of black beans.

The high amounts of protein and fiber in them start the day off right.

If you were to eat this breakfast, you'll quickly notice that you snack less in the afternoon and evening. You'll also eat a little less for your meals.

This is important because you want your big meals earlier in the day so they have more time to be burned off for energy.

2. Spin for hormonal weight loss.

You may think of weight loss in terms of diet and exercise. This is the wrong way to look at it since your hormones are VITALLY important. They need to be balanced so you don't regain the weight back.

If you're overweight, then the chances are that your hormones are unhinged... unbalanced. It's been recently discovered that spinning around in a circle, like what children do, actually brings your hormones more in balance which turns the key to using your hormones for weight loss.

3. Eat low calorie yogurts for digestive health.

Your digestive health is also an important factor in weight loss. If you're constipated a lot, your digestive health isn't in the best shape. What you can do is start eating 2-3 low calorie yogurts (80 or less calories) to feed your digestive system the HEALTHY bacteria that it needs to create the environment within your body to achieve accelerated weight loss.

These are some quick ways to lose pounds without doing anything extreme. You can lose 10 pounds in days just by following the above information with consistency.

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