Lose Pounds Fast Using Simple Summer Diet

Lose Pounds Fast Using Simple Summer Diet
Here's a simple diet which will help you to lose pounds fast without doing something crazy. Summer diet was developed by American nutrition experts to help middle-age people to get their body in shape for the summer season. This is a low-calorie diet which consists of 1200 calories for each day. Summer diet is a balanced diet but there are still some restrictions: diet duration is 14 days, no longer or you can apply it for three days each week as long as you want.

Here is daily menu which you should use for all days:

In the morning: Any 5 fruits;

Lunch: Choose one of following for the lunch meal:

a)200 g of boiled chicken breast without skin;
b)200 g of canned tuna and 1 egg;
c)250 g of fat-free cottage cheese and 1 egg; and Vegetables without restriction (prepared in any way)

Snack: 2 fruits or slice of black bread with a little honey or jam;

Dinner: Choose one of following for the dinner meal:

a) 2 tea cups of boiled brown rice;
b) 2 tea cups of pasta;
c) 2 potatoes; and without any restrictions: vegetable salads made of any vegetables mixed with lemon juice and any vegetable soups.

It is allowed to swap lunch and dinner if you like. Breaks between food intakes should be no less than 2 hours. Drink a big glass of water before each meal.

See, it is simple as 2x2. Do not waste your time by trying to find super secret method to lose pounds fast be cause there is no easy way. Start today with summer diet to see amazing results already after one week.

It is recommended to consult your doctor or nutrition specialist before applying any of these diets.

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