Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Unusual But Simple Weight Loss Tips

5 Unusual But Simple Weight Loss Tips
To lose weight you probably know that you need to eat a healthy diet and do regular exercise. You may not have read about or heard these 5 simple weight loss tips below because they are a little unusual, but they will make a difference to your weight loss goals.

1. Don't Cut Out Fat Entirely.

Healthy fats play a key role in internal body functions, help to control bad cholesterol and help to increase good cholesterol. They have an important role in our health and wellness. To lose weight for good the key is to focus on healthy fats, like, olive oil, fish and fish oils, avocados, flaxseeds and raw nuts.

2. Get Enough Sleep.

Sleep has an significant role in weight management for various reasons. Research has shown that even a small amount of sleep deprivation increases the production of the hormone ghrelin in your body, which can make you feel hungry, even when you're not. Sleep also affects your physical activity levels. If you've had a good night's sleep, you'll feel much more energized and be likely to move around more and burn extra calories.

3. Don't Over Indulge On Fruit.

Fruit and vegetables are important to eat if you want to lose weight for good. But vegetables are a better option because they have more nutrients and contain less calories and sugar. The sugar in fruit is known as fructose and is stored in the liver instead of in the muscles. If you eat a diet that is high in calories and high in fructose, the liver gets overloaded and starts turning the fructose into fat. All vegetables, particularly the green ones, should fill the largest part of your plate at every meal.

4. Carbohydrates Are Important.

Carbohydrates provide your body with its preferred source of energy. Your body needs energy to go about your daily activities and to exercise, so to lose weight for good you need to include natural, complex carbohydrates like whole grains and vegetables in your diet. Carbohydrates don't make you fat unless you eat quantities well beyond your needs or if you only eat simple carbs, like, sugar, cakes and cookies.

5. Don't Cut Out Your Favorite Foods Completely.

When you want to lose weight for good there's no reason to cut out your favorite foods completely. While you will need to make changes to your diet, you can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation and lose weight. A good way to balance healthy eating with your favorite foods is eat 80% of the calories you consume from healthy foods and 20% of the calories you consume come from other foods of your choice.

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